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When it comes to hip hop you don’t need no fancy 16 band graphic equalizer there are only two things that matter.
The Boom, the Bip ……..

Quick prototype for an upcomming project.
Would make nice alife t-shirts though!


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Posted on July 1, 2009



  1. Richard T. Butt says:

    this isn’t an equalizer…

    it’s a visualizer

  2. It’s hip hop in binary format!

  3. ytomk says:

    nothing goes together more than hip hop and onomatopoeia

  4. Theo2 says:

    It’s Boom BAP you nitwit.

  5. theo says:

    Oh really?

    “The boom, the bip, the boom bip
    Indicates to the brothers that we be on the flip tip.”
    Push It Along – Tribe Called Quest

  6. Thermos says:

    Bips are for IDM.

    Baps are for snares that smack you upside the head.

    Bapes are for making your closet look like planet of the bapes. [/malice]

  7. theo says:

    oh thanks for clarifying!

  8. Agent scott says:

    I’m just envious of how much natural light you have in your studio.

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