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Geek Graffiti:
Past class Websites: Geek Graffiti 2008, Geek Graffiti 2007, Geek Graffiti 2006
Instructors: Evan Roth

The main goal of this course is to learn to look upon our surroundings in a new way. It is my aim that by the end of this course you will walk around the city differently than when it started. You will know you are getting there when you start to annoy your friends by interrupting conversations to stop and take a photo of what looks to them to be a mess of ink. In GEEK GRAFFITI we will also be making things designed to exist within the city. Succesful projects will use the urban environment as a unique medium and answer the follow questions: “Why is it important that this is outdoors? Would this be any good if it weren’t? Why does it matter that this is done where and how it was? How is this new and, most importantly, why should I care?”

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Posted on March 2, 2007



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