I've done a really bad job of updating this site
if you're trying to look at what i've been making recently you'll have better luck here:

Camo Jackets
Blackhole 2
Blackhole 1
Spicy Queso Loaded Fries Mask
Diet Dad's Diet
Untitled Video Painting 02
The Report On Losing And Failing
New York Post New York
As Above, So Below
The High Court in South Africa...
The Hulk vs The Thing
Futurama Pebbles [Repeat Pattern]
Perceptual Camo Reduxxx
Spread for K48 Magazine
Preliminary Spread for K48 Magazine
Studio 360
Beach [Repeat Pattern]
Some Drawings of Animals
Proposal For New American Flag
Curating Myself Into the New Museum
Untitled Drawing [Explosion]
Iteration 01 of a drawing in progress
Class of 2008
42 Grove St
Dub Hap Beards
All My Friends Are Going Death
Fat Clothes For My Fat Friends
Travezz in Outer Zpace
Untitled [Contra]
Ramp Up The Jawn
Dan the Mans
Untitled [Excitebike]
Bad Dudes
Chinese Chair Sculpture
Genghis Mongoloid
You Have No Body
Escape From Miami
Girlz, Girlz, Girlz
I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skating
Untitled Illustration
Scuba Sketch
My First Adobe Illustrator Drawing
Black Cock Lane
Everybody to the Limit