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Sorry Charlie, but it is time to leave the Internet and go back to your porn family. Let this be the hangover cure for the #winning buzz from which everyone is still recovering.

Block Charlie Sheen and more from the Internet by downloading the plugin for Firefox or Chrome, and never again worry about seeing his name or face.

Download version 1.0.2 now:
Firefox …or… Chrome

Code by Greg Leuch, adapted from Shaved Bieber
Browse the code on Github
License under MIT License
Props to Chris Menning for the assist!


  1. […] Here’s the fix. At least on the Internet. […]

  2. […] Here’s the fix. At least on the Internet. […]

  3. […] If you surf the web with Firefox or Chrome browsers, the price tag is…free. It’s called Tinted Sheen, and it was released just this week. It will “hide most Charlie Sheen related text and images […]

  4. […] program “Tinted Sheen”. can be downloaded here for free at Free Art and Technology. […]

  5. alex says:

    well charlie is has an excelent show now but thanks to the producer he was a no body before then, charlie must kiss his ass for it

  6. alex says:

    charlie you were a looser before the show

  7. […] van Sheen worden netjes aangepakt. Briljant. Daar hebben we geen last meer van. Downloaden kan hier. Digg this!Share this on TechnoratiShare this on FacebookTweet This!Add this to Google […]

  8. NothingToSeeHere says:

    I want a blocker for mindless comments from online half-wit whingers and neo-nazi hate mongers. At least Charlie Sheen has a life, which is more than you can say for most of the vitriolic losers here and in other online forums.

  9. sol says:

    couldn’t you make one to do the same with lady gaga?
    i’m sick of her!

  10. […] for you. Leuch—who is also responsible for the Justin Bieber Mention Blocker—has come up with Tinted Sheen, a browser plug-in that will block all mentions of Charlie Sheen and most of his photos. If you're […]

  11. […] then the browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox will redact all mentions and photos of him for you.Called Tinted Sheen, the site states: “Sorry Charlie, but it is time to leave the Internet and go back to your […]

  12. Matt says:

    To all the stupid people asking if there is one for Bieber? Why don’t you just gooo to your nearest search engine which likely brought you here…and type ‘Shaved Bieber’…this is the Justin Bieber blocker. It is the original of this blocker. Rant over.

  13. Venefica Agony says:

    @Nothing to See Here: Excuse me, I’m sorry but I have absofuckinglutely no fucking idea what politics has to do with distaste of Charlie Sheen. Ohhhh yes, let’s give poor Charlie Sheen a break! He only ignores his children to waste money and time on people who wouldn’t rescue him from a burning building. He only terrorized all of his wives and a few hookers.

    Yeah, let’s all sing Kumbiya (sp?) in a circlejerk to praise this complete fucking moron. I think very few people actually dislike Charlie Sheen because he’s an addict, but because he’s a negligent prick with violent tendencies.

    I don’t know why people place Charlie Sheen on a pedestal for having such an “awesome” life. If you’ve got to look up to anyone who’s fucking strapped with cash (for playing a more sanitized version of himself on television) and STILL resorts to needing to pay his fugly gold dig- I mean- “goddesses” to straddle his porkhammer for three minutes and equally cracked-out YESmen to hang out with him, then you’re the one with problems. The plus to being one of the “little people” is that at least you actually merit the relationships you have, not because you’re rich.

    Actually, if Charlie Sheen was teh shit like a lot of you think he is, he would be getting plenty of women who’d do him for free. But, he’s so awesome! If you look up to someone who’s a celebrity with an inexplicably hit TV show and the only sex he’s getting is from hookers…I feel sorry for you.

    Sure, blocking Charlie Sheen may be a walk in the park, but I’d much rather laugh at the poor desperate bastards who think he’s cool (and themselves too) because they vicariously get laid through Charlie Sheen.

  14. Venefica Agony says:

    Oh, and this is fucking rich: The people posting on this blog ranting about how people on blogs don’t have lives? Uh, since you clearly know why WE’RE here, then why are YOU here? That’s what I thought. Shut the fuck up.

    And vitriolic? You’re wasting just as much negativity here on the rest of us that we’re supposedly wasting on him, you jackass! The only difference is that YOU’RE projecting YOUR vitriol on EVERYONE ELSE.

    At least we KNOW that we’re bored on the internet and being negative. You actually think that you’re doing the “right” thing by doing exactly everything you’re scorning us for doing, but it’s not directed at Charlie Sheen, so, you know, it’s kosher.

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  16. […] then the browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox will redact all mentions and photos of him for you.Called Tinted Sheen, the site states: “Sorry Charlie, but it is time to leave the Internet and go back to your […]

  17. […] Via F.A.T. Free Art & Tecnology […]

  18. Biff says:

    Now if only someone would make a “March Madness” blocker… *hint*

  19. […] have found a cure for Sheen’s #winning streak. It’s essentially just a browser blocker, available for Firefox and Chrome. Its job is to remove all mentions of Charlie Sheen from your […]

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  22. […] explica o prestativo gif acima, a extensão “Tinted Sheen” coloca tarjas pretas no nome do ator em qualquer página que você estiver visitando, e até […]

  23. […] “How to screen out Charlie Sheen” download the plugin here Comment, News, Zeitgeist […]

  24. fasdfdsaf says:

    i’d like to see a plug in extending to other celebrities like linsey

  25. CRISTIAN says:

    I don´t know what you guys are doing…he is just another famous person who is living the life to his way… so you´ve got to create softwares to delete the raper, drunks, sluts, assassin, famous singer…and everybody else. he is just another famous i said and you are making a mistake! see us!

  26. […] Would you like to block it out? Well good news. A new extension for both Firefox and Chrome, Tinted Sheen, will do just that for […]

  27. […] El culebrón que rodea al actor no deja de sorprender. Ahora la novedad es un sow que permite bloquear todo contenido que hable del ex protagonista de “Dos hombres y medio” en la red. La noticia puede, y de hecho lo es, sorprendente pero al parecer detractores del actor han creado un programa para que cualquier noticia en la que aparezca su nombre o se le haga mención sea inmediatamente bloqueada. En la actualidad sólo funciona en los navegadores: Mozilla FireFox y Chrome y a pesar de su reciente aparición se se han realizado más de 20.000 descargas. En la web desde donde puedes descargar el programa reza: “Lo siento, Charlie, pero es hora de salir de internet y volver a tu familia porno” Desconocemos si esto beneficia o no al actor, pero de lo que estamos seguros es de que le hace aún más famoso. Recurriendo al dicho “ que hablen de ti aunque sea mal” en esta ocasión se cumple. El link desde donde se puede descargar es este. […]

  28. BPM says:

    Great! Stumbled.

  29. […] Bluewater ProductionsBlock Charlie Sheen and more from the Internet by downloading the plugin for Firefox or Chrome, and never again worry […]

  30. […] Tinted Sheen, the Charlie Sheen browser blocker. […]

  31. […] Artık Charlie Sheen’in adını görmeye gerçekten dayanamıyorsanız eklentiyi buradan indirebilirsiniz. […]

  32. mat says:

    Great plug-in, though I believe I wouldn’t have resisted calling it “Antisheen” ;)

  33. mat says:

    Great plug-in, though I believe I wouldn’t have resisted to calling it “Antisheen” ;)

  34. EarlyAdopter says:

    Could you please make this compatible with Firefox 4.0? I need my sheen-blockade :(

  35. […] of the product, but essentially that’s what it does.  What you are REALLY looking for is “Tinted Sheen”.  How does it work?  It’s an add-on, plug-in kinda thing that works with your web browser, […]

  36. […] “How to screen out Charlie Sheen” download the plugin here […]

  37. ChileGirl says:

    Please update and make compatible with Firefox 4.0 as I really hate having CS back. Thx.

  38. […] Luckily, Greg Luech has developed an awesome browser extension to help rid the words Charlie Sheen from your web travels, he calls it: Tinted Sheen. Here’s how it works. […]

  39. […] would be a better place if it had a lot less Charlie Sheen, allow us to introduce Tinted Sheen, the Charlie Sheen Browser Blocker. You’ll never guess what it […]

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  41. […] do dia: Já havíamos falado aqui sobre o novo plug-in que “censurava” todo e qualquer resultado sobre o vencedor Charlie Sheen. Agora há na internet uma extensão para […]

  42. S says:

    Okay, to anyone who has had trouble removing this thing like I did, I finally figured out how (in Chrome, anyway). They call it an “app” but it doesn’t show in the installed apps section of Chrome. Because it’s not actually an app, it’s an “extension.” To get rid of it, click on the little wrench icon to the right of the search/address bar. Select “Tools”, then “Extensions.” It will show there. You can either remove it or disable it. I removed it – I really thought it was stupid…like another user mentioned, it doesn’t just block out Charlie Sheen (and when they said “block” I assumed I would see nothing on my screen, not a series of censor bars over text and pictures). If any word or place is mentioned in someone’s Facebook news feed, for instance, that has the letters “sheen” in it, it will black that out. Ugh!

  43. Gary Valan says:

    can also do a “royal wedding” blocker?

  44. Jordan says:

    now that Donald Trump’s ridiculous media stunts have been overshadowed by last night’s events, let’s hit him while he’s weak:

    expression=/Trump/; result=str.replace(expression,”undefined”);

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