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We’ve updated The Quotable Kanye with some choice @KanyeWest tweets, adding to selections from his infamous ALLCAPS blog rants. Welcome to Twitter Mr. West!

quotable kanye screenshot

A Quotable Kanye API is also available: TXT / XML / JSON

Source code is available here

More from the archives… FAT Kanye Week

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Posted on July 30, 2010


Released by (“Blackbook”) is a new website for archiving and sharing motion-captured graffiti tags. Tags are saved as Graffiti Markup Language (GML) files, which can be created with freely available software like Graffiti Analysis, Laser Tag, and with our two new iPhone apps, DustTag and FatTag Deluxe: Katsu Edition.

Anyone can easily upload GML to #000000book through our open API, and the aforementioned iPhone apps have upload built-in — download the app, start tagging, tap ‘upload’, and see your work immediately featured on the frontpage.

By registering on #000000book you can link your iPhone (or any other device) and your uploads will be automatically added to your account. While browsing the site you can also mark tags as ‘favorites,’ and leave comments/talk shit. And each user has a profile page that shows off their bling:

For example: Tempt1 uploads tags from his EyeWriter in LA, and Katsu and AVONE have been uploading some dope tags from their phones:

Katsu vs. James Cameron, created with FatTag Deluxe

Programmers & artists can then download your GML data and render the tags in any conceivable way, shape, or form. Since our launch last week we’ve already seen a number of amazing GML-based projects:

* Robotagger draws graffiti tags with an 8-foot robotic arm (seriously)
* Baybayin Motion Analysis uses GML to capture & study a pre-Filipino writing system
* Experimental Flash 3D Renderer (Flash) by Ben Hopkins (Kode80)
* GML particle system rendering (Flash) by DIZGID

Developers: we’re compiling API documentation to get you started pulling in GML and/or uploading your own data, as well as sample drawing code for Flash, C++, Javascript and more. Discussion & brainstorming is happening on our mailing list and in #fatlab IRC

Make sure to submit any applications you create — if it runs inside a web browser (e.g. Flash, Javascript or Processing) it can even be used by #000000book visitors to preview tags!

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Posted on January 14, 2010


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The Twitter Retweet Game

As Twitter releases its official support for retweets, we’ve decided to hack help them test out their new system by increasing the volume of retweets. Retweet Game applies retweeting into a game, with the winners receiving hundreds of new retweets and followers.

Play the Retweet Game now!

Retweet Game exploits the user’s desires for Twitter popularity and reach with a unassuming and forgettable interface while thrusting users’ common conversations into the upper bounds of Twitter famousness. Users to gamble their time and tweets for a chance to win a retweet round. Perfect loosing your *real* Twitter friends.

Of course, you can always increase your odds with a donation to F.A.T. :D

Retweet Game was made by Greg Leuch using Sinatra.
Grab the source code and run your own instance of Retweet Game.

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Posted on November 11, 2009


The expressions published in this site are all in the public domain. You may enjoy, use, modify, snipe about and republish all F.A.T. media and technologies as you see fit.