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Due to updates on Twitter, this hack is unlikely to work. Thanks for playing! Check out the BuzzFeed article for a better, more up-to-date tutorial.

Pimp your Twitter avatar. Make it animated.

Updated 23 Feb 2011: Twitter hack now allows for larger animated avatars (128×128 pixel dimensions)!

Instructions (Easy):

  1. Find your imagery (or use to make an animated GIF and save to your computer).
  2. Upload your animated GIF to be resized:

  3. Download the resized image and upload to your Twitter profile!
    Click ‘Upload to Twitter’ to automatically have your avatar image changed!
    Twitter has disabled this app from using their API due to a violation of their Terms of Service (without mentioning what specifically was in violation). You will need to download and upload to Twitter manually.

Instructions (Advanced):

  1. Find your imagery (or use to make an animated GIF).
  2. Import your animated GIF into Photoshop (details), or create your animation from still frames.
  3. Resize your image to a 48×48 (the secret dimensions!).
  4. ‘Save for Web’ as a GIF, tweak your colors, and save.
  5. Upload to your Twitter profile!

Share your results by posting your Twitter URL in the comments! or browse the latest uploads.

Note: Animated image URLs are validly returned in the Twitter API, however some apps may not animate your GIFs.

Inspired by all the Blah Blah Blah on Twitter. Hacked by @gleuch.
Props to @aarontweets for

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Posted on January 10, 2011


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Last week on my radio show, Awesome New Place, I was joined by author and Nation of Thizzlam blogger Willy Staley, for a special episode called G-Chat.

Our talk circled loosely around rap in the YouTube era, touching on rappers getting famo, memes vs. trends, scraper bikes staying relevant, DIY cereal backpacks and instructional dance videos, Bubb Rubb, turf dancing, format wars, the Lil B – Soulja Boy connection, the culdesac vs. the hood, haul videos and mommy blogging, bros icing bros, 4Loko, white tees, vans, and “How the Looming Specter of Viral Marketing Ruins Rap Songs About Consumer Goods.”

Though we raised more questions than we answered, its definitely a must-listen chapter in FAT’s ongoing discussions of famo, viral marketing, and rap.

Stream the show right here and view the playlist for tons of links to relevant vids and media on all the above topics and so much more.

“If you’re doing the reverse running man in skinny teal jeans in your culdesac and no one is there to film it, what are you really doing?” – Willy Staley, 2010

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Posted on September 8, 2010


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N.B.: Due to changes in Twitter’s API, the use of Restful Auth is no longer supported and renders this program dead.

Ever wanted to get people to follow you while you are presenting at some stuffy art expo and they don’t have their phone or computer nearby, but you do? Get them to follow you quickly with our new Kiosk Twitter Follow app.

Works on mobile devices too!

Try it out:

Download this simple PHP script, change a quick setting, and let the followers count increase!

Code by Greg Leuch, idea by Randy Sarafan

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Posted on April 22, 2010


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If you having Twitter problems
I feel bad for you son

I got 99 accounts but
your tweet ain’t one

Hit Me!

If you don’t like our code, you can press ‘reject’
but sync your account tweet the rest!

You can also follow on @99Accounts on Twitter.

a speed project by Greg Leuch / get the code!

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