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Inspired by Travor Paglens latest pictures of Inteligence HQs released on The Intercept I took the liberty to make some slight photoshop modifications to a picture of the new BND HQ in Berlin. :)) The hoax tweet with the modified picture raised quickly a lot of attention, questions and doubts. Also the fake NYT url i added in the spirit of Fake URL trolling helped to get some fast retweets. :)) “Never hit RT before you ve seen the www!”



The picture was doubted by many users. Some of them took the effort to point out the fake. ..


…while others users were wondering  about the broken NYT link (which never existed) :))


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Posted on March 31, 2014


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The popularity of Twitter’s real-time publication platform has very rapidly transformed a data-rich communication medium (Teh Internetz) into a rapid-firing, text-based, publication tool akin to a high-tech telegraph. While on one hand it is useful to have a massive database of real-time, localized, data-sets, consisting primarily of useless social drivel, on the other hand it has yet to be effectively demonstrated as to why. The worst of it is that Twitter’s posting restrictions have limited the communications of countless seemingly intelligent and talented individuals to a level of mental impairment and has also obscenely limited their ability to meaningfully express themselves and/or engage in sustained critical dialogue.

And let us take a moment as not to forget that pervasive digital publishing services don’t just operate on electronic devices, but also drive the future development of said devices. The proliferation of Twitter will have a serious impact upon the future development of devices intended for real-time networked communications by undermining the value of a rich multimedia experience. This will limit the ability for mobile devices to share and publish images, audio and video. Most obvious, this will prevent the dissemination of the art form that prior to now unequivocally set technological standards – pornography.

Until recently, Twitter’s unique platform has made it nearly impossible to engage in real-time transmission of pornographic images, setting technological advancement back decades. Yet, thanks to my own personal research and the development time of myself and known-pornovator Evan Harper, I present to you a methodology for using Twitter’s stunted interface for sharing data-rich pornography, one pixel at a time. It is my hope that this will further the development of integrated data-rich content within Twitter’s unique platform. Perhaps some day, the medium will advance to the point where we will be able to use Twitter to transmit girl-on-girl video in semaphore.

Go here for detailed instructions on sharing pornography in real-time, pixel by pixel, with your friends and family.

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Posted on February 22, 2010


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