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The Basics:

1) Get a TP-Link WR741ND router (around $10-20)

2) Download the wifitagger firmware

3) follow the README

4) drop modem in public

5) connect to “Free Public WifiTagger”, instant unlimited tagging of networks within range, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!



WifiTagger is a router which is enabled to tag wifi networks. Upon selecting “Free Public WifiTagger” as your network, you can tag the wifi spectrum via the WifiTaggers open UI. It can broadcast a tag up to four lines of 32 characters.  Tags will be viewable within the list of wifi networks. It allows anyone with a wifi enabled device the ability to tag digital space.

Too lazy to make one? You can check out FATS’s very own WifiTaggers tagging all over Chelsea as of November 5th and at FAT GOLD.

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A simple graffiti tagging app with accelerometer based dripping paint.
Will update as soon as it has been approved and is available on the app store.

Update: The apps been approved – grab it here: (itunes link) – or search for Fat Tag on the app store

Source code for project: . If you want to compile and run the code on your device – read some of the guides posted here.

Double tap to clear.
Hit triangle tab to change paint / background color.

Supports multiple strokes.

Feedback welcome!

A Free Art & Technology project.
FFFFFAT LABS / Muonics 2009
Made with openFrameworks!

Source Code will be posted soon of course :)

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Posted on March 28, 2009


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