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If you having Twitter problems
I feel bad for you son

I got 99 accounts but
your tweet ain’t one

Hit Me!

If you don’t like our code, you can press ‘reject’
but sync your account tweet the rest!

You can also follow on @99Accounts on Twitter.

a speed project by Greg Leuch / get the code!

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Updated 12/12/2010: Support added for tweeting files in Base64 encoded and plain text methods!

The F.A.T. Lab crew have begun the Twitter seeding – with movies, images, code, and other items of copyright or intellectual property. We’ve started with code, music, and movies… but we need your help to seed more files to Twitter!

So why is filesharing on Twitter important to FAT Lab? Governments and private organizations continue to lock down legitimate file sharing through raids, law suits, and “consumer protection” laws & treaties. And while larger file sharing arenas are targeted, many forget file sharing has existed across many different mediums for decades. Early filesharing beginning with Usenet groups, where the binary data was converted to text characters and reprocessed for download. Facsimile machines follow a similar method of dissemination of binary data. And even ham radio used teletype to transmit photos across long distances by converting photos to ASCII before transmission.

If Twitter is today’s Usenet and Usenet was used for file sharing years ago, why shouldn’t Twitter be utilized today for file sharing?

Download the code and start seeding your files to Twitter!
A project by Greg Leuch and Theo Watson.

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Posted on April 1, 2010


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  1. Get inside a Google Street View Car.
  2. Open your favorite Twitter app on GPS enabled smartphone.
  3. Tweet sporadically to plot geographic points on the map.
  4. Relax as the blogosphere and media outlets go into a frenzy.

Of course, the entire hoax needs a little software to track the movement. Detailed instructions on creating the map* can be found at

(*Some computer skillz required.)

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Posted on February 15, 2010


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The Twitter Retweet Game

As Twitter releases its official support for retweets, we’ve decided to hack help them test out their new system by increasing the volume of retweets. Retweet Game applies retweeting into a game, with the winners receiving hundreds of new retweets and followers.

Play the Retweet Game now!

Retweet Game exploits the user’s desires for Twitter popularity and reach with a unassuming and forgettable interface while thrusting users’ common conversations into the upper bounds of Twitter famousness. Users to gamble their time and tweets for a chance to win a retweet round. Perfect loosing your *real* Twitter friends.

Of course, you can always increase your odds with a donation to F.A.T. :D

Retweet Game was made by Greg Leuch using Sinatra.
Grab the source code and run your own instance of Retweet Game.

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Posted on November 11, 2009


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The expressions published in this site are all in the public domain. You may enjoy, use, modify, snipe about and republish all F.A.T. media and technologies as you see fit.