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The Twitter Retweet Game

As Twitter releases its official support for retweets, we’ve decided to hack help them test out their new system by increasing the volume of retweets. Retweet Game applies retweeting into a game, with the winners receiving hundreds of new retweets and followers.

Play the Retweet Game now!

Retweet Game exploits the user’s desires for Twitter popularity and reach with a unassuming and forgettable interface while thrusting users’ common conversations into the upper bounds of Twitter famousness. Users to gamble their time and tweets for a chance to win a retweet round. Perfect loosing your *real* Twitter friends.

Of course, you can always increase your odds with a donation to F.A.T. :D

Retweet Game was made by Greg Leuch using Sinatra.
Grab the source code and run your own instance of Retweet Game.

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Posted on November 11, 2009


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