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Posted on November 24, 2010


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A FAT + openFrameworks speed project!

Auto Smiley – Computer vision smiley generator from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

Auto Smiley is a computer vision application that runs in the background while you work. The software analyzes your face while you are working and if it detects a smile it sends the the ascii smiley face letters “: )” as keyboard presses to the front most application. Auto Smiley has many uses from just straight up convenience to enforcing honesty in your online communication :)

UPDATE: Windows PC Version!! Courtesy of Joey!
Grab it here.

UPDATE: for non US/UK users try this version – should work on all keyboards!

Download the mac app here ( for US / UK / NL keyboards ):

Download the mac app for QWERTZ keyboards ( thanks Peter! ):

The project uses openFrameworks and MPT for the smile detection – you can grab the source code here:

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Posted on March 22, 2010


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