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Namaste! The EyeWriter development team just hit the streets of Mumbai, India on a mission to develop a GML-compliant version of the EyeWriter with the best engineers in the near-east from IIT Bombay for TechFest 2010. Maharashtra-style! We will be updating FAT and the EyeWriter blog on the maybe daily with news and instruction sets on how to survive in ole’ Bombay, which hand to use for every occasion, how to be a slumdog hundredaire, etc… oh, and also how to make your own MumbaiWriter.


For the first Mumbai how-to we’ll share some of the advice we got from the original artwankers at c6: How-to haggle down a market vendor in bad Hindi.


(written phonetically cuz we don’t know any better)

— You go into a market and you approach a vendor who is selling something you want. Point at the item and say…

You: “Kidna pasa” — how many pennies for this?

— the vendor is offended. You basically just said they are selling cheap shit. But everyone respects an arse, so they give you a decent price in rupee.

You: “Bo jadda” — too much!

— What did you just say? The vendor should be shocked a dumb foreigner like yourself can speak any Hindi at all and come back with a lower price out of pity…

You: “Com corro” — a little less.

— Are you serious? If the magic is in the air, they may give you an even lower price…

You: “Or com corro” — a little more less?

— WTF? You’re breaking my balls here! Whatever the vendor says next, you should take it. Its probably as low as its going to go for you.

You: “T.K.” — OK.

Don’t be shocked if this goes horribly wrong and stay tuned for more field R&D from sunny Mumbai! If you want to get involved with the project send us an email at info at eyewriter dot org.

FAT LAB HQ in Mumbai

Big thanks to Mick Ebeling and Anurag Garg for making this happen.


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Posted on August 22, 2009


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Last year me and Evan met a guy named Mick. Mick had an idea. It seemed a little… you know… out there. He told us about a man named Tony, a graffiti writer, who needed our help. He said Tony had a real bad disease. Said he couldn’t move a muscle, that the disease had only spared his eyes. Said maybe WE could help him to write again. And we were arrogant or foolish enough to think maybe, with the help of our friends, that we could.

But in the end, something unexpected happened. It was Easter and there was an actual miracle. Because at the end of the day, it was Tony who helped all of us: he helped us to know hope, showed us what it means to be strong, to be a survivor, to be a graffiti writer, to be alive. It was his father, mother, brother and crew who showed us the meaning of the word family. It was the Ebelings who showed us what it means to have a vision. It was through Tony’s eyes that we finally saw what graffiti was really all about.

So, consider this the beginning, these words an introduction. If you don’t already know him, let me tell you about my hero. His mama named him Tony. The streets crowned him Tempt. The disease said he was finished. But me and my crew, we call him the Eye Writer: a living legend, the first man to bomb with his eyes.

Tempt’s first tag in seven years

Stay tuned to FAT and GRL, in the next few weeks, to see the whole story, to learn more about TemptOne in his own words, to find out about the EyeWriter V1.0 and to become a part of the project to enable other heroes all over the world, surviving ALS, to once again make art.








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Eye Tagger V2 from james powderly on Vimeo.

One day left to go on round 1 of the GRL/FAT collab with TemptOne and Family Ebeling in sunny, shallow Los Angeles, CA.

First up: FAT Lab Venice, where Zach and Chris are pouring over Tempt’s eye data, analyzing, quantifying and coding — just generally getting their nerd on to the break of dawn improving the tracking, output and interface for the Eye Writer V1.0 custom software/hardware apparatus.

You can peep what they’re about here:

tempt writes tempt from thesystemis on Vimeo.

… and here

Meanwhile, on a planet far, far away, called Downtown L.A., Tempt’s second family — Angst, Duke, Mural, Drase, Chaz and the rest of the K2S, STN and FB crew — are out laser bombing the Glory Church of Jesus Christ and repping their brother Tempt… cuz crew love is true love.


… Red Roth is back in Hong Kong knee deep in Dim Sum… Agent Watson is back in Amsterdam teaching the euro-terrorists of the future….


Me and LM4K found a great fish taco place and are working hard on our full body tans. Hey, Love Monkey you want another Pacifico? Well hell powder, dont mind if i do…


And TemptOne… Well, he is in Alhambra… being an inspiration to everyone who’s ever met him and resting those hungry eyes. See you tomorrow night T1.

All Eyes on TEMPT from james powderly on Vimeo.


GRL/FAT slaves to the L.A. grind since March 31st, 2009.

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