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Go professional: show your online work respectfully in a real gallery room.
Make your own:

FFFFFartsy supports images, video, and web pages. Paste in a URL, set the view options, and frame your work in the best looking online gallery.

Concept by Evan Roth. Made by Greg Leuch.

FFFFFARTSY Code on Github. Early beta!

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Posted on October 29, 2013


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Make your own gallery today! Curate awesome art from the Internetz and run your first show in 5 min!

You always dreamt to run your own gallery? This is your chance! Make your
own gallery in less than 5 minutes. Curate the best online shows ever!

  1. Dowload the ONLINE GALLERY PLAYSET (A3 or 2 pages A4)
  2. Print, cut and make your very own white cube.
  3. Curate awesome art from the Internetz.
  4. Develop a precise hanging layout. (…cut some frames)
  5. and install the art! (…match browser windows with frames)

BANG!! You just made your first show! Invite your
friends and play together. It‘s super easy and sooo much fun!!

Aram Bartholl 2012 for TAXI art magazin


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1. Drill a hole!
2. Install a DeadDrop!
3. Share more files :)

DeadDrop #644 was installed for the show Social Media” at The Pace Gallery,
510 W 25th St, NYC – 9/16 – 10/15/2011
Participating artists: Christopher Baker, Aram Bartholl, David Byrne, Emilio Chapela, Jonathan Harris, Robert Heinecken, Miranda July & Harrell Fletcher, Sep Kamvar and Penelope Umbrico

Great show! Thx to the team for awesome support!
Aram Bartholl 2011



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Posted on September 19, 2011


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Evan’s White Glove Tracking project and a selection of FAT projects are currently on display along with some heroes and friends at the Netherlands Media Art Institute’s Versions exhibition.

Opening Friday, 27 November, 5:00 p.m.
From 28-11-2009 until 06-02-2010
Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart, F.A.T.Lab, Martijn Hendriks, JODI, Oliver Laric, NastyNets, Evan Roth, Theodore Watson, a.o.

The install consists of five linux machines running three videos and two Fuckflickr powered slideshows.

Mad props to Jamie for the last minute addition of a slideshow module into Fuckflickr.

Check the two FF slideshows with a midi inspired soundtrack ( requires firefox – make take 10-20 seconds to load )

Projects shown:

White Glove Tracking – Evan Roth and Ben Engebreth

EyeWriter & GML – FAT, OF, GRL

Firefox Addons – FAT & Co.
Grab the video here:

RollTube – Theodore Watson
China Channel – Aram Bartholl, Evan Roth & Tobias Leingruber
Pirates of the Amazon – Timo Klok & Tobias Leingruber
Add-Art – Steve Lambert
Tourettes Machine – Theodore Watson
Ctrl F’d – Greg Leuch
Internot – Zachary Lieberman – Tobias Leingruber

KopyFamo’ – FAT ( Geraldine Juarez )
Watch slideshow – requires firefox

Kanye Webst Week – FAT & Co.
Watch slideshow – requires firefox

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Posted on December 2, 2009


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The expressions published in this site are all in the public domain. You may enjoy, use, modify, snipe about and republish all F.A.T. media and technologies as you see fit.