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The information superhighway was not meant to be controlled by any one company.

FuckTwitter is the latest part of the F.A.T. Lab’s ongoing efforts to cloud off the grid — Fuck 2.0, host your own.

Do you know what Big Web2.0 is doing with your data?
* AOL Hometown suddenly closed up shop, without warning all the people who had websites there
* Facebook wants to own anything you post, ever
* even friggin’ Geocities is going offline

… who can you trust these days? That’s right. Nobody.

You can use our install, you can install your own, and with federation technology we can even mesh our installs together like a friggin open-source Voltron

You can also enable automatic crossposting to a regular ol’ account… you know, 4 the famo

FuckTwitter is powered by the open-source laconica microblogger — our fork is on github.

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Posted on May 1, 2009


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