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Call for participation

The workshop was originally planned for 10 peeps, but we just raised it to 30 chairs!! So if you want to participate in the workshop (part of this year’s Transmediale Berlin festival) – Submit this form right now with a quick sentence and info about you!!

Short intro to FB Resistance:

Facebook Resistance is a research initiative accepting the status quo of Facebook beeing the dominant social identity management system, researching on ways to change it’s rules and functionality from inside the system, locally via Browser App.

FB sets the rules of how-to behave, so we’re asking: Are we happy to live in their visualisation of our online identity or do we want to change it? A change can be as trivial as adding a background-image. Facebook designing your online identity is like IKEA designing your appartment. The only individuality lies in the family pictures standing in your BILLY shelves.


More infos over at…, if you can read spanish – Here’s an interview with TBX about the workshop on

Soon more on and

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