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The G.R.L. / F.A.T. World Summit was held last week at the Cash Rules Everything Around Me Festival in Yokohama, Japan. In attendance was G.R.L. (Mother Cell), G.R.L. Utah, G.R.L. Brazil, G.R.L. Australia, G.R.L. Tokyo, G.R.L. Yokohama G.R.L. Kyoto & Tokyo F.A.T. (in absentia G.R.L. Mexico, G.R.L. Houston & G.R.L. Vienna).

Tokyo F.A.T.:

There are more photos up here, and there is a live stream of the first ever Tokyo F.A.T. & F.A.T. (Mother Cell) meet up here (however I suggest skipping forward until at least 25:30 when we are done forcing people to eat vegemite).

There are too many people to thank and shout out, but I hope I see you all again at the G.R.L. / F.A.T. World Summit 2010 (if not sooner).

P.S, big ups to G.R.L. Houston’s new release of Texas Big Face (complete w/ HOW TO):

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Posted on November 8, 2009


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