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The Golden Nica is replica of the Greek Nike of Samothrace. It is a handmade wooden statuette, plated with gold, so each trophy is unique: approximately 35 cm high, with a wingspan of about 20 cm, all on a pedestal. “Prix Ars Electronica” is a phrase composed of French, Latin and Spanish words, loosely translated as “Electronic Arts Prize.”

Source: Wikipedia.

F.A.T NIKA v 1.0 is a freestyle replica of Ars Electronica’s Golden Nica: “one of the most important awards for creativity and pioneering spirit in the field of digital media.” The replica is a  3d modelled object statuette copied from a wikipedia photograph,   a la old school.

The prestigious award now can be easily reproduced infinite times -digitally or physically- and use it to recognize any creative expression you dig (including your own!), while showing blatant disregard to the scarcity promoted by the art market and the artificial sanctity of juries, curators and gatekeepers.

Download and copy the F.A.T NIKA v 1.0 from here. (.stl 5MB)


First published at simple-mechanisms.com

*thanks Ricardo for helping out!
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… Somebody’s Watching Me.

On February 11th, 2008, the GRL’s Rotterdam LASER Tag video roared past 1 million views at the resolution of the proletariat, i.e. YouTube. Now, officially, we’re Internet Platinum brah! Even these fucks agree. SO where’s my spinnin’ crown animated gif badge for the website!? Wasn’t someone supposed to be making that just for this occasion? Heads should roll I swear to god. Look at the weak-ass crowns you made me hot link to:

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Posted on February 12, 2008


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Kanye won Best Rap Song instead.

…but who gives a shit?

We all know who has the most hits.

“hey soulja boy I heard you didn’t win a Grammy- YAAAAH TRICK YAH!”

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