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On the Internet… my low-tech Rickroll is quite popular. It’s in Jdubs’ Rickroll Database, the #1 tool to prevent users from getting tricked by Rick Astley. BTW due to the long-standing Internet Meme “Rick Roll” the 80s Singer just won “Best act ever” at the MTV Music Awards (100 Million online votes). For ultimate low-tech action check out the prize-winning Gravity project of drx

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Posted on November 29, 2008


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Bubblyfish and tobi-x will give a talk at the Parsons School for Design (NYC), arranged by Zachary Liebermann.

Bubblyfish is a sound designer and composer, she does gameboy performances all over the world. If you don’t know how awesome a gameboy can sound, check out Bubblyfish’s Myspace right away

The dude next to Tron Guy is me, tobi-x. I’ll show projects like the German-Facebook Bots, the Timemachine Firefox Add-on and other stuff that could be called or web hacking.

Don’t miss out, it’s gonna be ffffffffffffffat!!!!!

7th May 2008 – 8:30pm
Parsons CDT Department, 10. Floor;
2w. 13th St between 5 & 6th Ave

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Posted on May 2, 2008


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