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An artworks value has typically been determined by (superficially) limiting the supply or editions of a piece as determined by the artist, gallery and collectors. We call BS. Art is only valuable if it changes society. Impacting society is only possible if it becomes part of culture. Culture can only be rapidly affected when done virally.

Currently, art supply chains often create the opposite of a cultural revolution by only allowing the elite to buy or see collections. At F.A.T., we want to create and distribute to a new contextualization of art and culture through the use of open licenses, open ideas and open art.

A disintermediation of The Art World, starting now.

Limited Editions of Unlimited from Addie Wagenknecht/FAT labs
Limited Editions of Unlimited is a F.A.T. artwork series by Resident FATtie Addie Wagenknecht which will be released and available online for free. Download and print the first in the series here or have someone print it for you.

Then what..? Put it on your walls, on buildings, hang it up in the MoMa, give to your friends, your Grandma, lick it, eat it (maybe it taste good)…. we want to see us everywhere.

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All proceeds will go towards getting James hella drunk when he gets back.

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Posted on August 20, 2008


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I told myself I would stop posting T-Shirt designs…. but I just couldn’t resist. This one is for expats living in Hong Kong:

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Posted on June 15, 2008


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“when LOL just doesn’t cut it.”

Printed on high-quality Apparelle Americaine, available in the FFFFF.AT T-shirt Shoppe

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Posted on June 13, 2008


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