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New SPEED SHOW website!!! Full info on the SPEED SHOW exhibit series, the complete SPEED SHOW archive and a tutaorial for how to run your own SPEED SHOW at

The SPEED SHOW exhibition format:

Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night. All art works of the participating artists need to be on-line (not necessarily public) and are shown in a typical browser with standard plug-ins. Performance and life pieces may also use pre-installed communication programs (instant messaging, VOIP, video chat etc). Custom software (except browser add-ons) or off-line files are not permitted. Any creative physical modification to Internet cafe itself is not allowed. The show is public and takes place during normal opening hours of the Internet cafe/shop. All visitors are welcome to join the opening, enjoy the art (and to check their email.)

SPEED SHOW manifest by Aram Bartholl 2010

Go for it! It’s an open format! Let’s meet up in your local shop!


One night group show and the start of an ongoing series of SPEED SHOWS.
Friday 11th of June 2010, 21:00 – 00:00

Kottbusser Damm 103, Berlin (G-maps)

Produced and curated by Aram Bartholl

Following artists will show new or recent works:
– Jon Cates (US)
– Constant Dullaart (NL)
– Dragan Espenschied (DE)
– Geraldine Juarez (MX)
– Tobias Leingruber (DE)
– Olia Lialina (RU)
– Moddr (NL/AT/RU)
– Johannes P Osterhoff (DE)
– Evan Roth (US)
– Ralph Schulz (DE)
– Paul Slocom (US)

Curated by Aram Bartholl

Curatorial Statement: is dead? Long live!

The Internet browser a key element to the success of the web in the beginning of the 90’s has grown mature in the last two decades. Technical development, open standards and open software made the browser a very powerful tool. It seems soon it will take over the operating system and there will be nothing left than apps in the cloud.

It’s about time to revisit in an era of 500 million Facebook user. never really found it’s way out of the media art bubble. The browser was the promising canvas in the early ’90s and is today more then ever capable to do what ever you like. Within the last let’s say 5 years the Internet arrived and became totally mainstream. The social web unfolded it’s power and became part of everyday life of hundreds of millions users. Their massive real time information flow began to have a huge impact on mainstream media and political structures.

The potential size of an audience for on-line art work has grown infinitely large. Technical barriers, limited access, little bandwith or lack of skills are not an issue any more. In an era of Internet memes and 20+ million Youtube views on one video in a day artists need to reconsider the web from a different perspective. A new generation of creative minds picked up the field of and expanded it to the next stage: (coined by Aram Bartholl 2010) emerged under the influence of social web monopolies, highly flexible open software, amateur meme cult and pop culture. A wide range of coders, designers and artists including the experts from F.A.T. Lab experiment in this genre with great success. ‘Classic’ is appropriated and gets remixed with web activism, DIY philosyphy, sharing culture, easy to use browser ad-dons and open source beliebers on a state of the art technical level.

The first SPEED-SHOW vol.1 represents a wide selection from well known net.artists to a young generation of web savy coders and Internet renegades. From youtube interventions and social web critique to pixel celebration and gif.pop 12 artists (or artist groups) will show recent and new works. never died! It just moved to your local Internet-shop! Come and join the party!

Aram Bartholl 2010


The first SPEED SHOW vol.1 : TELE-INTERNET 11th of June 2010 was a great success!

We had many more (and even ‘important’!) visitors than expected. The shop owners were totally surprised but loved it (and made the deal of the year :-). Since I didn’t post any links in advance I have the pleasure to publish now the four sheets of printed program(!) including statement for each piece and links below. Check the announcement  including SPEED SHOW manifest and curatorial statement here.

Pics by Kuc, thx! All pictures on fflickr , more pics: flickrset of Jon Cates and Johannes P Osterhoff

Produced and curated by Aram Bartholl

Participating artists:

Material: HTML, embedded screen capture video,720×486 px,
Jon Cates (US) 2010
MOAR!!! MAKE PAPER DANCE GIF GLITCHEEESSS is the reaction to a Twitter conversation with three friends on a single day. Jon Cates who is well know for his digital punk / raw bytes – style remixed a webpage which was already a reply to a first post by another friend.  In the multitude of layers of the content from his friends animated gifs turn into actual video, color pixel into xerox dirty b/w and the audio results in abstract noise.

Nervous News
Material: HTML, iframe
Constant Dullaart (NL)
Nervous News is a new unreleased piece from Constant Dullaart’s series of website modifications of major famous websites on the Internet like Google or BBC News. By loading the BBC page through an iframe with its very own quality the page itself appears to become a person with emotional an condition . The moving iframe was already applied in the work “The Internet says no“ or “The Internet says yes“ (user reply) a.o.

Education of the Noobz
Material: HTML, mp3,ogg, flac, paypal
Dragan Espenschied (DE)
Contemporary Home Computer Music by Dragan Espenschied
Dragan Espenschied is well known for his radical and consequent 8-bit music compositions for many years. His new music site Noobz represents a highly differentiated mix of plain HTML, amateur page style, custom music player interfaces and sophisticated code hidden in the upper layers.

Material: Youtube video comments
Thumbing is an ongoing Youtube intervention. The option to video comment on a Youtube video is used by the artists group JODI as a tool for performance. By holding up the thumb very close to the webcam for a 2-3 second moment the video-site monopoly gets infiltrated by an endless series of useless ‘pokes’. The performance itself is split into thousands short clips on random Youtube videos. The blurred and flesh colored video bits evoke again  harsh reactions from the actual audience on Youtube.

Material: HTML, user content, php, fflickr,
Geraldine Juarez (MX)
The project Kopyfamo by Geraldine Juarez offers a web interface to upload images to which then watermarks of well known press agency are added. The initial idea of the watermark to protect and devalue the image by inserting a brand logo is inversed by Juarez’s approach. A lot of water marked pictures of VIPs and famous pop stars can be found at AFP, Getty and Reuters. The watermark in the picture grants importance to the portrait person. By adding a watermark to his/her own picture the user gains instant celebrity status in Juarez’s interactive piece.

Web****** (unreleased piece)
Material: Firefox addon, java script
Tobias Leingruber (DE)
Tobias Leingruber is well known for the Artzilla-platform ( where he collects and curates artistic Firefox browser addons. Webmarker is his own latest unreleased FF addon creation which turns every web page into a canvas for steet-art like tagging . “Mark the web and anyone can see it!! The Webmarker Firefox Add-on allows you to draw or take notes on any webpage. Activate “Street Mode” and find the drawings of others while browsing the web. The Webmarker FF Add-on is fully integrated into, a service for GML based projects.”

Material: HTML, java, animated gifs
Olia Lialina (RU) Dragan Espenschied (DE)
The classic zoom and pan interface from Google maps is turned into a firework of amateur gif animations. The symbolic loaded cross on a black background turns from its calm pixel state into a wild animation of little smileys, flowers and hearts on every single touch by the mouse. The hidden beauty of a world Internet monopoly company’s slide interface. Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied are unbeatable experts for the amateur culture of the web since many years. (‘Digital Folklore’ reader recommended)

Material: Embedded screencapture, 720p, 8h of unfriending
Moddr [Walter Langelaar (NL), Gordan Savicic (AT), Danja Vasiliev (RU)]
With a very precise super timing Moddr started the webservice Suicide Machine in fall 2009. Facebook has fallen very deep since then and a wide discussion on social networks and privacy is going on currently in the mainstream media. The mix of highly professional appearance and sarcastic video credentials makes the project a sophisticated unmissable statement in the era of privacy violating and direct marketing driven social network monopolies.

Material: HTML
Johannes P Osterhoff (DE)
“People find me in Facebook too easily and many start to use Facebook instead of e-mail. As I do not like this at all and as I do not want to enter the gated community of Facebook everyday, [….] Old acquaintance seem to query my name in Google, find the entry of Facebook and contact me there without checking my website or using the contact possibilities of good ol’ e-mail. So I created a very simple web-page which also shows up in Google search results and looks very similar to the result of Facebook there. I called it Fakebook.”

Animated Gif Mashup – Dance Sequence #001
Material: HTML, php, java and loooong URLs
Evan Roth
A Customizable gif mashup engine. Pop meets gif meets rap. Evan Roth works represent a highly sophisticated mix of net, open source and pop culture. In his often very minimalistic web based pieces he picks up elements from all these sides. Besides the elaborate visual mix plus music the Dance Sequence #001 unfolds its full beauty in the very long URL which is caused by the simplistic concept of arranging independent animated gifs in a single line of browser adress.

Material: HTML, Java
Ralph Schulz aka rgb3000 (DE)
Super free draw is a strikingly minimalistic and at the same time socially elaborate collaborative drawing platform. All user can  draw on the endless big digital canvas anonymoulsly with a one pixel wide black pen. It is not possible to erase what you have drawn and your creation is not protected for being altered or misused by other users. In a moment of great relief Super Free Draw detaches social web rules and creates a radical almost physical experience of collaboration.

You’re Not My Father
Material: HTML, embedded video 720×480 px
Paul Slocom (US)
“This video project is composed of a sequence of recreations of a 10 second scene from the television show, Full House, overlaid with a set of sound loops from the scene’s original music. The crews who re-shot the scene were recruited through Internet message boards and Craigslist, and each of the original 10 crews were paid $150, using a commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., for Networked Music Review. The project included participants from Austin, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas, Denton, London, and San Francisco….”

curated by Aram Bartholl


SPEED SHOW vol.2 in Vienna

SPEED SHOW vol.2: who the fuck do you think you are talking to?

One night group show.  The second show of an ongoing series: SPEED SHOW
Thursday, 8th of July 2010, 19:00 – 22:00 h
Kaukas Handy Shop, Äussere Mariahilferstr. 178, Vienna (G-maps)

Produced and curated by Aram Bartholl

Participating artists:

– Margarete Jahrmann & Renate Christian
– JK Keller
– Greg Leuch
– Michael Marcovici
– Will Moffat & Peter Burns
– monochrom
– Evan Roth
– Sakrowski
– Gordan Savicic
– Michael Schieben
– Georg Schütz
– Chris Sugrue
– Philipp Teister & Kim Asendorf
– Jamie Wilkinson

curated by Aram Bartholl 2010

Curatorial Statement:
SPEED SHOW vol.2: who the fuck do you think you are talking to?

The 2nd edition of the SPEED SHOW presents again a wide selection of pieces and addresses various developments of performance related but still screen based art works. Most interaction and communication on the web bears it’s very own performance character. One could say Facebook is a huge mass performance piece. in it’s classic form could be considered a performance by interactivity as well. In recent years artists from different fields work increasingly in a mix of performances and digital interventions. In some cases the screen itself, the beholder of the pixel is subject to fluctuations. In other works the performance is acted out by a hysterical mass or just by the code.

Austrian art especially from the 60/70ies is very well known for their provocative performances and inexorable public interventions. With a regional focus on Vienna based artists mixed with international coders and net renegades the SPEED SHOW vol.2:who the fuck do you think you are talking to? presents a wide range of works from political activist, body interaction and net-performance related art.

‘Show Me What You Got!’

Aram Bartholl 2010


SPEED SHOW vol.2 docu

Kaukas Handy Shop,

SPEED SHOW vol.2: who the fuck do you think you are talking to? in Vienna 8th of July 2010 was great fun! Kaukas Handy (mobile) Shop is a great place, check it out if you happen to visit Vienna. Thanks to everyone for showing up, thx to all artists and thx to Superbertram for support! Stay tuned for more SPEED SHOWs!

Produced and curated by Aram Bartholl

Produced and curated by Aram Bartholl

Participating artists:

QR-Nymphae // Game Fashion 2.0, QUICK-READ-Code Camouflage Collection // The Naked City voyeur surveillance!
Margarete Jahrmann, Renate Christian (AT)
“Coded Fashion is readable with mobile phones. It shows secret messages on silk and linen. The song Mediology of the band “Who Killed Bambi?” refers to the thinking of Regis Debray. Especially the song’s one word message – Iconology – equals graphical patterns, encoded in Quickread codes. These are the game fashion patterns, the urban camouflage dresses worn by the band. On mobile screens of fans the dress coded woman appears as Venus, replacing each pattern by a segment of Botticelli’s icon of beauty[…]” Sound-Art-Performance with “Who Killed Bambi?” at Volkstheater, Vienna December 2010.

You talking to me?
In a very minimalistic approach JODI addresses the phenomenon of the slow extinction of the URL as the main tool to navigate the Internet. The address field in the browser is slowly taken over by the search form to its right (Chrome) and the app culture introduced by Apple totally neglects the address and page structure of the web. In a hysterical manner five different URLs ‘reenact’ the famous dialog of Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver screaming heavily schizophrenic to himself in the mirror before running amok at the end of the movie.

16 Attempts to Draw a Straight Line on a Scanner
JK Keller (US)
In his work JK Keller often plays with the relation of computer accuracy and the pixel based digital image. In his work ’16 Attempts to Draw a Straight Line on a Scanner’ Keller is competing with the accuracy of the scanner. While trying to follow the scan head as precisely as possible by hand it seems the pen strokes enter a multi layered space between scanner, screen and analog image. The combination of light, pen, color and the pen itself which melts to a bar in the background combine into a pixel chain of frozen moments. .

Shaved Bieber
Greg Leuch (US)
In the series of artistic browser add-ons Greg Leuch developed a plug-in which enables the user to locally censor the US teen star Justin Bieber from any web page by blacking out his picture and name. Due to the popularity of Justin Bieber this Firefox add-on attracted enormous attention on the web and in the US main stream media but first of all was consequently hated by Justin Bieber fans. A very important part of this piece is the almost endless tumblr-log collection of hate mails and raging comments by teenagers against Greg Leuch.

Michael Marcovici (AT)
“In September 2008, I started working on the book “HOW I USED YOUR CREDIT CARD TO PAY FOR THIS BOOK ONLINE”. I wrote it together with a colleague who prefers to stay anonymous; it is basically an essay about what is already being suggested in the title. The book was paid for and sent to one hundred people in three European countries in late January 2009. Each copy I numbered and signed personally, and since I will not produce any more of them, you will need to find one of the people that still have the book if you wish to learn more about its content[…]”

Will Moffat, Peter Burns, design: James Home (US)
“Openbook lets you search public Facebook updates using Facebook’s own search service. Facebook’s bait-and-switch on privacy and their overly complex settings cause many users to post messages intended for their friends to ‘everybody’. That’s the entire planet, for all time. This privacy-malfunction could have serious consequences if you’re looking for a job, applying for college, or trying to get medical insurance. What do we want Facebook to do? Make it easy to control and understand your privacy settings. Promise that they won’t change them behind your back. Make new accounts private by default. It wouldn’t be hard to provide simple, clear groups of privacy settings.”

BP, listen up!
monochrom (AT)
The artist collective monochrom is well known for its widespread provocative and often political performances, interventions and net activism. With a very high output and in a long history of pieces (serially numbered) they generate a unique mix of large scale real life events combined with a consequent sarcastic blog and single page web based projects. The simple combination of picture and appellation in BP, listen up! refers to image macro based meme culture and takes the performance to a digital posture on the web level.

Blogger Trainer Gym
Evan Roth (US)
Well know for his unique oevre to combine pop culture with digital life style Evan Roth strikes again
with high precision and proposes the blogger gym. Famous blogger are pop stars! They need to be fast. The web requests high output and constant production. To stay in shape and to keep pace with the velocity of the web blogger need to go to the gym. Have you published today? Go Rocky!

Curating Youtube
Robert Sakrowski (DE)
Curating Youtube is an exhibition project by itself initiated and curated by Robert Sakrowski. It was premiered at Basso Berlin in February 2010. The participating artist were requested to select and arrange Youtube videos in grids of various sizes. Each tableau of 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 (etc) videos starts as a collage of video stills. The typical Youtube play button stills are arranged as an image. In the next step the user breaks the frozen moment by mouse interaction into independently looping video clips.

Gordan Savicic (AT)
A cliff jump captured from the computer game ‘California Games’ is stretched in time to match the 2:01 min song Frente! by Bizarre Love Trinagle. In super slow motion the C64 game graphics animation from the 80’s unfolds its poesy in every single frame of the jump. The extra slow already minimalistic pixel image is combined with 300% painful audio to a video in typical Youtube quality. With his piece Gordan Savicic kontakariert the endless production of high resolution, exaggerated and action-overloaded machinima movies. “Is he really dead?”

Michael Schieben (DE)
“Monkeyfy is a public webservice for face-detection based image manipulation. A small bookmarklet allows you to select an image on every website to have it modified by The image manipulation utility detects faces in the images and replaces the them with monkeys. The manipulated images (and a link to the original source) are saved on the twitpic gallery.”

Georg Schütz (AT)
“I am streaming out of both eyes, since August 2007, night and day 24/7. I posted all pictures to Flickr until they erased my brain, they kicked me! You can control my view! Just click into my eyes and I look where you want. I Smile instead of having concerns about privacy issues, which i have, deep inside my frosty heart.”

Delicate Boundaries
Chris Sugrue (US)
“[…]Small bugs made of light crawl out of a computer screen onto the human bodies that make contact with them, often surprising their audience as they try to abandon a virtual existence. The magic of the illusion takes shape as the audience lets them explore their bodies, crawling from one person to the next in a strangely intimate way. As digital technologies have become embedded in everyday life, the line between the virtual and real is increasingly blurred. Delicate Boundaries playfully explores our expectations and understanding of interfaces and interactivity.“

FUCK YOU Cookie Performance
Philipp Teister & Kim Asendorf (DE)
“[…]We have transported the browser cookie to the real world, to find out how the recipients of cookies respond. Through a subtle invasion into privacy, the symbolic placement of a cookie in a strange case, the recipients were inadvertently exposed to our mercy. It`s an intrusion into other peoples pockets though we would like to express how virtual and real world are linked.”

Asylabwehramt / Asylum Defence Agency
The Asylum Defence Agency (Asylabwehramt, AAbA) is superordinated to the Defence Office (Abwehramt, AbwA) as well as the Federal Asylum Office and subordinated to the Federal Ministry of National Defence and Sports. This semi-anonymous and semi-autonomic Agency is responsible for anonymization of asylum proceedings, stopping human trafficking, immigration diversion, and for defending against surplus refugees and asylum seekers. The Agency also takes action in the fields of imigration pre-selection (economic refugees, naturalization), secret deportation, migration analysis for national protection as well as in prevention of re-traumatization and the expansion of bureaucratic barriers.”

Google Alarm (unreleased)
Jamie Wilkinson (US)
“Google Search, Gmail, Docs, YouTube are all daily essentials. Additionally, almost every website you visit uses Google Analytics to track their stats, Google AdSense to make cash, or even javascript libraries served from Google’s servers for speed. Google Alarm is a Firefox browser addon that alerts you when you’re sending identifying information to the GOOG.”

curated by Aram Bartholl

More pictures here!

Credits: Thx to Georg Schütz for Vienna support!



Pieter ran a  birthday SPEED SHOW on 21st of July 2010 in Berlin. Unfortunately I couldn’t go there but it looks like it was great fun. Congrats Pieter!


SPEED SHOW vol.3: Peace!

Spread the news! SPEED SHOW vol.3: Peace!
16th September, Amsterdam!

SPEED SHOW vol.3: Peace!
One night group show and part of an ongoing series of SPEED SHOWS. All prior shows are documented here. Produced and curated by Aram Bartholl

Thursday, 16th of September 2010
Opening 7:00 – 10:00 pm

SPEED SHOW vol.3: ‘Peace!’
at ‘A.Internetcafe’
Tweede van der Helststraat 15
Amsterdam (G-maps )

Participating artists are:

– Constant Dullaart
– Evan Roth
– Guthrie Lonergan
– Jan Robert Leegte
– Jon Rafman
– Peter Luining
– Rafaël Rozendaal
– Timur Si-Qin
– UBERMORGEN.COM & James Powderly

Curated by Aram Bartholl

Thx to Constant Dullart and Peter Luining for support!!!


SPEED SHOW vol.3 – Docu!

On my way to the Netherlands last Wednesday (for the ‘Shadow Dance‘ group show in Amersfoort) I decided in the last minute  to set up a SPEED SHOW on short notice in Amsterdam for the following day. At the end of the 6h train ride I had all artist emailed and confirmed, speed curated!

Constant Dullaart picked a great Internet-shop remotely via Google Streetview (oh man, we finally need that in DE too!)  and Peter Luining checked it out and fetched me a phone number. Thx for support! I called the guy the night before and all was set. Since the shop didn’t sell anything else than voice and internet we had to bring our own drinks. :-)  (which he was cool with. Is that possible in NYC?!?)

Although the show was anounnced only one night in advance we had a fine crowd of visitors and lot’s of rain (which made everyone look at the art ;-). Thx to all for showing up on short notice! Thx to the artists! Thx to the ‘A.Internetcafe’-team!

Aram Bartholl 2010

All prior SPEED SHOWS documented here!
Press / Blog posts:

term paper

  • There are sundry assumptions and springs in my life above-all, when I spot term paper invisibly. The substantive one is that most I haven’t vast talent to conduct varicolored tremendous works. It is edit for me fully to get the additional tutoring. My elicited ordered affects are not low and especially without critical nuisances, which shall stop effects of my trustworthy study.

All pics on flickr. More pics by Anne Helmond, thx!

SPEED SHOW vol.3: ‘Peace!’
One night group show and part of an ongoing series of SPEED SHOWS.
Thursday, 16th of September 2010
Opening 7:00 – 10:00 pm
at ’A.Internetcafe
Tweede van der Helststraat 15
Amsterdam (G-maps )

Produced and curated by Aram Bartholl

Participating artists:

the revolving internet
css,iframe ,
Constant Dullaart

Cache Rules Everything Around Me
animated gif mashup, video,
Evan Roth
Guthrie Lonergan

Blue Monochrome
Google Maps,
Jan Robert Leegte

FolkSomy VJ
PC 4, Youtube,

Arcade Hustla YouTube Channel
Jon Rafman

Peter Luining

Rafaël Rozendaal

Peace on the World
Timur Si-Qin

Torture Classics
UBERMORGEN.COM & James Powderly

Curated by Aram Bartholl


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    Sick line-up Aram!!! Proud to be part of it. Trying to follow-up the traditions of the early movement with “internet art today” is something I really want to achive in my works. The internet has much more layers now, so our work nowadays might be based on services like facebook, studivz etc., but it’s following the same traditions. Also, since the internet is mainstream now, putting the “pop” in front of it totally makes sense -> “pop” drives a broad attention and participation to our projects.

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    there will be net art as long as there is net
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  27. […] 今回のアルス・エレクトロニカでは『REPAIR』(修理、修復、回復などの意味)をテーマに様々な展示、プレゼンテーション、ライブなどが展開されてた。 それぞれ展示に応じてさらにテーマ設定されており、例えば、「Repair the Environment」(環境の修復)、「Deign for Repair」(修復のためのデザイン)、「Repair Our Society」(社会の修復)、「Repair Yourself」(自身を回復せよ)など。 また他にも、アルス・エレクトロニカの機関であるFuture Labが中心となった「Future Factory」では、Next Idea部門(新たなアイディアに関する活動や論文などを評価する部門)の展示、またアルス・エレクトロニカはHondaとの共同研究なども行っており、ASIMOやロボット関係の展示もあった。 これに加えて、ドイツとアイルランドの大学によるインターフェイス研究関連の展示、サウンドスペースでの音楽、音響関連のライブ、そしてもちろんアルス・エレクトロニカの受賞作品の展示など盛りだくさんな内容だ。 大きなテーマ設定のもと、様々な文脈からそれを細分化した構成となっている。 多くの作品が見れる一方、同一会場の展示ということもあり、全体のテーマとリンクして把握するのはちょっと難しい面もあった。 ここではその中でいくつか展示作品をザザッと紹介したい。 とりあえず、そのテーマごとに列挙してみる。 Design Repairでは新たなアプローチでの修復をテーマにワークショップ的に展開された。イスの修復、お皿の修復などなど。下の画像はJan Vormannによる街の破損された壁などにレゴを華麗に埋める作品「Dispatchwork」。 参考画像: Repair Yourselfでは個人や自身に対してのアプローチした作品群。 “My husband and me, me and my wife” by Nico Ferrando 写真作品で、夫婦の体の一部が入れ替わっている。 日本から参加の真鍋 大度と石橋素による作品。 レーザーと蓄光シートを利用した作品。 下は自分が試した際のビデオ。 Repair the Environmentでは捨てられていくモノなどを新たな解釈をした作品たちが並ぶ。 日本からはOpen Reel Ensemblesなどでも知られる和田永によるBraun Tube Jazz Bandが参加。 アルスでは15回にもおよびライブを披露。 日本では来年でテレビとしての用が無くなってしまうブラウン管テレビを利用した作品。 初の海外講演として欧州を巡回中の彼だが、観客からは毎回大きな歓声と反響があった。 “Repair Our Society”では普段我々が生活している社会やデジタル社会などの変化がテーマ。カンファレンスでは「オープンソースライフ」と題したトークを展開。 “TELE-INTERNET”と題されたコーナーではAram Bratholl(chaos computer club:知らなかった団体だが、PRIXのコミュニティーを受賞してる)が中心となり、様々なインターネット文脈の人たちがプレゼンをした。 日本にはあまり入ってこない分野でもあり、全体を把握できてはいないが、たとえばインターネットカフェでイベントをやるspeed showなどもキュレートしてるのも彼らだ。 ネット・アート初期から活動しているOlia Lialina。 夜に開催されたウェブ・サーフィン・コンテスト。JODIなども参加していて、なかなか濃くユルい雰囲気。 このコンテストは最後まで見れなかったが、割と単純でかつ面白い設定だった。 ルールは「指定のURLから指定のURLまで左クリックだけで辿り着きなさい。早く着いたものが勝者。」 キーボードはなく、右クリックもできない。 指定されたURLがまた面白く、アルス・エレクトロニカのウェブサイトからTELE INTERNETのサイトまで行けということだった。 何気に文脈では近くとも、google検索以前を考えるとインターネット上のリンクでは遠いこともある、と実感させられる設定であった。 その他にもGraffiti Research Labとしても幾度も紹介しているEvan Roth によるGMLのプレゼンや、 ウィーンを拠点に活動しハッカーとしても有名なJohannes Grenzfurthnerによる次世代ポルノについてなど、 なかなかついて行くのも大変な幅広い内容になっていて面白かった。 “Repair Our Society”で、もうひとつ興味深かったのはJon Rafmanによる映像。 彼のプロジェクト” Nine Eyes of Google Street View” はGoogle Street Viewに偶然写った不思議で個人的なシーンを集めたもの。展示自体はその写真を並べただけなのだが、片隅にあった映像がとても興味深かった。以下の写真を題材に失われた恋を追い求める青年の目線でエンドレスなフィルムを作り上げていた。 と、軽く並べてみただけで長くなってしまいましたが、見に来た人それぞれの視点や知識で違った解釈ができる展示ばかりであった。 では引き続き、他の作品や別会場の模様などを書いてみたいと思います。 […]

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  29. […] online work from various new media artists, shown in a typical browser with standard plug-ins. The Speed Show Manifest, which is written by Aram Bartholl, further demands that any creative physical modification to the […]

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  37. […] 「インターネット上で最も悪名高き女性」はいったい誰だろう? という、「パーカー・イトーは何者だ?」というエントリを書いたのが今年5月だった。 思えば同列でカオスラウンジとかも盛り上がってる時期で、ネットカルチャーとかの話もしてたっけな。(破滅ラウンジの内側と外側) それからパーカー君にはメールインタビューもしたり、 Tokyo Internet Clubという思いつきだけど楽しいイベントにオンラインで参加してもらったりしたな。 同時期にヨーロッパでもF.A.TとかのSPEEDSHOWとかもあったり、『「インターネットリアリティー」』みたいな考えも自分の中で出てきたり、twitter、tumblr界隈の楽しい盛り上がりもあったり、アルスでのteleinternetでのJODIとかオリアリアリナとか。 んで、その時期にハナちゃんの絵を買ったんだんだけど、急に寒くなった数日前に実物が届いたんすよ。 遅れたお詫びに、いい感じでもない超ダサイPaint FXTシャツと、個人的に一番好きなパーカー君RGBFOREVERのDVDも一緒に送ってくれたんだ。 このDVDがいい感じで、DVDがピッタリ60分ずっとウェブと一緒なんだよね。たぶん。 あとあと、気付いてない人が多いので注意書き、 この絵はパーカー君が描いてるわけじゃなくて、中国かどっかのアジアのウェブサービスで、JPGを送ればその絵を描いてくれるところがあるんです。 つまり、まったく関係のない女の子を、全く関係のないひとが書いただけの絵なんです。 パーカー君はコンセプトとメール。 そういう意味では川島さんのTen Thousand Centsとも繋がるところもありますね。 ちなみに、サイズも好きなように注文できて、A2サイズぐらいで300ドルぐらいでした。 ハナちゃんの件はこれで一件落着。 でも、ハロウィーンで誰かあの格好してたら良いのになあ。 […]

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  43. […] digerați și să deveniți pseudo-experți până când vă încolțește cineva la o expoziție Speed Show data viitoare, la internet cafe-ul din colț. Pentru că, hei, viața e scurtă și artă e cu […]

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