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  1. Mary V says:

    nearly well said – as if she almost makes a valid argument!

  2. Shitbubbles says:

    Oh Noes! Not WWII!

  3. ROFLMAO says:

    OH MY GOD!! the biebarmy is going to start WWIII!!!!

  4. monki says:

    haha, the next guy that MOSTLY everyone is against. That’s a fair and balanced review of Hitlers reception if I ever saw one.

    Personally I never heard about Bieber until the FAT-post :)

  5. jimbean says:


  6. anonymous says:


  7. anonymous!! says:


  8. anonymous!!!!! says:


  9. anonymous! says:


  10. Anonymous says:


  11. anonymous says:


  12. anonymous~ says:


  13. anonymous says:


  14. anonymous says:


  15. anon. says:


  16. anon.... says:


  17. anonymous says:

    and i was like

  18. bunny says:

    thank you for this. thank you soooo much :) you are amazing for this.

  19. anonymous says:


  20. pen15 says:

    If bieber was jewish i would have supported the holocaust

  21. omg gleuch u started the BIEBERCAUST. I hope to god you have been taking self defense classes b/c you’re about to become victim to the 12 year old girl version of Inglorious Basterds.

  22. Robin says:

    Proof that Beiber is a pretentious little boy and nothing more.

    Also its quite ironic how all of the people hating on “Shaved Beiber” are asking @gleuch to grow up; when there are spelling mistakes all the way through there comments!

  23. envirotex says:

    Comedy gold. Keeps on giving.

  24. Tanvir says:


  25. Chickenplucker says:

    Hahaha, viva la F.A.T.

  26. Observer says:

    This is hilarious

    I don’t think half of these mindless beiber-zombies realize that this app is meant for people who are tired of seeing his face and name absolutely EVERYWHERE on the internet. Comparing this application (which is optional to get mind you) to the holocaust is both stupid and pretentious

    they need to grow up and lose their unnatural obsession to this singer

  27. dude says:

    hahahahaha, good get rid of the little sh!t altogether!

  28. […] is fearlessly standing by his app and has even posted a link to his incoming mail, which makes him more like Anne Frank or something. The lesson here, if there is one, is that at […]

  29. what losers says:

    Oh my gosh these girls need to stop going so crazy over Justin Bieber. He doesn’t KNOW you and doesn’t CARE about you! The chances of you ever meeting the queer hobknocker? Slim to NONE. What losers. Seriously, guys? Get a LIFE.

  30. Victor says:

    If people don’t like the idea of the program, why don’t they just not use it?

  31. anonymous says:

    let the games begin!

    On a serious note though.. ( was asked before )… Is there a Sarah Palin version of this?

  32. Britt says:

    WOw I seriously love you
    fuck justin bieber
    the kid needs to seriously DIE.

    Why is it that NOBODY can see what that little idiot really is?:/

    An annoying brat, whiney little 11 year old that hasn;t even dropped his balls yet? Not to mention, he’s way too full of himself. Kid shut the fuck up, stop wearing American Apparel, you make Dov charney look bad.

    Fuck you, disgrace to Canadians.

  33. funnnnnnnyyyy says:

    LOOL this is so funny

  34. Brandon says:

    OH GOSH!!!!!
    Why won’t the haters leave justin alone and the beliebers leave the haters alone???!!!!
    Why can’t we all just get along and leave justin bieber alone and let him do what he likes to do.
    He is human after all, and he doesn’t deserve any ‘fucking death’ or ‘dropping of balls’ thats just inhuman and plain childish, shame on you foolish haters, please act like your age unless you are 6 , then again, even 6 year olds know f words now… and beliebers leave haters alone, the more you scold them, the more they get back at you, don’t you see?
    Am i the only person wise enough to see this? =p

  35. Pilleroaetum says:

    wow….ok, I knew his fans were crazy, but if they are comparing all of this to wwII, does this mean they are an army or somethin?

  36. I love you says:


  37. Baby Beibus says:

    Brandon is completely right. After coming in here day after day to watch the madness what was once amusing is now reaching the realm of the absurd. As Brandon says, calm down and take a chill pill, everyone! Can’t we all get along? Telling Justin to die? That’s insanity! And comparing Shaved Bieber to an act by one of the world’s worst war criminals? Preposterous! While those who seek to have less attention paid to the Western world’s pop stars may have a valid argument about the monopolization of media outlets and their reliance on fewer, aggregated news sources, those who have decided to lash out in violence, whether intentional or not, need to realize that violence is never the answer. These people need to look no further than my own story to see where violence leads. I spent the first formative years of my life in a constant state of anger and frustration over the things I believed in and the things that I couldn’t understand. It wasn’t long before that anger was transformed into violence and soon, I was getting into fights every single day. I got in one particularly bad fight and my mom got scared and she said “You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.” I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought, “Nah, forget it. Yo, holmes to Bel-Air!” I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabbie, “Yo holmes smell ya later!” Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.

  38. Dimitris says:

    God, they are actually Bieber-Zombies, go create a religion too crazies!

  39. Your biggest fan says:

    You are frikin’ amazing, now you just need one for twilight….., but hey I bet ya’ there’s already a cult formed in your honor! >;)

  40. SHAVED BIEBER FTW!! says:

    hahahaha this chick thinks the whole worlds coming to an end because Bieber (a 16 year old dipshit) is getting covered up? GOOD! I’m glad he’s getting covered up. he looks like a girl and sings like one too. Oh and BTW i don’t think this “shaved bieber” program is going to start another holocaust. Just want to give you a heads up ALEX.

  41. Snakeman says:

    Counter trolling and anti-Bieber technology. Now we just need ones for Rick-rolls and things like that I can think of. GOOD WORK AND KEEP IT UP.

  42. Voice of Reason says:

    Seriously people, think. Anyone who is actually educated, should know that comparing this program to WWII and the Holocaust is wrong. To start off with, during the Holocaust A LOT of good innocent people lost their lives simply because of an out of control ruler. The Shaved Bieber program is just a program used to make surfing the web a little more enjoyable. Not all people who get on the internet are fan of this young man. If we choose to block his face and name from future things, it is our perogative. As for those Bieber fans out there. To each their own. There is no reason to start fights, or even act out over such a minor thing. It is not the end of the world I assure you. If parents choose to block the boy from computers, its not something that should be argued with. I am sure a parent would not block him unless they see that the interest is turning into an obsession. The simple answer for the kids throwing a fit over it is…the parents probably own the computer, and they more then likely paid for it. Show a little respect. Its not like they enjoy hearing their kids throw a hissy. Last, for those who are obsessed. I suggest getting help. You obviously do not know what a healthy interest is. Bieber may get on t.v. and thank his fans, and he may get on the radio and thank them as well. It does not mean he is personally thanking you. He does not know all of you, and I am sure if he did meet you, he would be embarrassed to know that you have developed such an unhealthy obsession.

  43. A young woman who is sick of Justin Bieber news. says:

    Any chance of you expanding on this application for Mac OS X? Love this software. People take stuff too seriously. It does a useful function by letting me filter out news and pictures that I don’t want. People filter out porn all the time, why can’t I filter out something that annoys me more than that? I cannot stand crazed fans who act like idiots.

  44. Los cleanos says:

    Sans dec degagez ce Justin Biber-on …
    J’ai lu une partie des commentaires des fans et je dirait que vu certains propos raciaux certain feraient mieux de faire attention a ce qu’ils publient en ligne …

  45. Cumo says:

    Please, PLEASE make a program like this for Twilight and ANY of the actors from Twilight! I’m sick of hearing about them too! :D

  46. Joanne says:

    Justin Bieber…don’t get it…he’s sort of cute…but becoming slightly pretencious..which comes with fame…your one moment of fame is fading….bye bye JB…..don’t see a future for this one…

  47. mariska says:

    This is for Greg,and whoever else came up with this blocking strategy, please tell me how to do it, I would love to block Justin Bieber from everything on my computer, please enlighten me.

  48. BamBam says:

    Greg you are my hero, srsly. All the fans that hate should take a break from JB and listen to real musicians like The Beatles and Queen. Maybe then they would understand.

  49. TE says:

    @Observer: Yeah, they think it’s some sort of global censorship, I guess Bieber fans can’t read either which only shows how very stupid they are.

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