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public intervention
video: 4:06 min

Aram Bartholl

I ve been looking at these cheaply produced, super low resolution LED signs (the IRL animated gif ;-) for a while already.  End of last year I filmed this meaningfull pair in a kiosk window in Berlin and fell in love with them.  First I used the picture for the SPEED SHOW 5 title in Paris but I had to take it a bit further. :) You find LED signs in any shopping window especially in EU these days. There are also many OPEN signs in US but hardly any INTERNET signs. I had to change that! :)

The OPEN INTERNET intervention was produced during my residency stay at EYEBEAM.


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Posted on February 23, 2011


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tryna put the FREE ART back in Free Art and Technology

I made this video drunk and alone on a friends roof in 2009. hadn’t thought about it once since then until i found it a couple hours ago on a hard drive and decided rework it a little. it looks alllright on vimeo. kind of. not really. it’ll look a lot better if you just download it.

Untitled Video Painting 5.5
Borna Sammak 2009 (old, i know, but new to you, as it were)
1920 x 1080. video loop. 10ish seconds. 40ish megs.

Posted on February 22, 2011


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Posted on February 18, 2011


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Evan, Michele and I are in Barcelona this weekend! Come, and have a drink with us! //tbx

Kitsch Digital – “Three Decades of Interferences on the Web”

With Evan Roth (USA), Olia Lialina (Russia), Dragan Espenschied (Germany), Tobias Leingruber (Germany), Antonio R. Montesinos (Spain), Momu&Noes (Spain), Joachim Castañeda (USA) & Takahiro Yamaguchi (Japan).

Curated by Helena Acosta and Selena Rama of Producción Aleatoria.

Opening: Thursday February 17th, 2011
19h DJ Session by Pangramas

Location: (Gmaps Link)
Can Felipa Carrer Pallars 277
08005 Barcelona

(Show is open till April 9th, 2011)

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