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Kickstarter rewards go away Saturday

Fundraising for “Capitalism Works For Me” ends Saturday. This means to receive rewards for pledging support, you have to commit in the coming 3 days.

My birthday is Saturday.

Yes, it’s true. I figured ending this fundraising process on my birthday would make for a great celebration. You know what I want for my birthday? To do this capitalism sign project in as many cities as possible! (Pat yourself on the back if you knew I was going to say that.)

Here’s 5 reasons to support it:

  1. At this point, all funds are going toward taking the sign to cities without institutional support.
  2. It only costs $1 to join this party! Then you are connected to the project, and receive exclusive exciting updates as it progresses. Don’t be in the dark.
  3. It’s one of the 10 best art projects in the history of Kickstarter!
  4. New rewards will be posted in the final days – signs, prints, and more. Today I added an “IT’S ABOUT POWER” sign.
  5. And drumroll… Paul F. Tompkins is writing the catalog essay! As you may know, most exhibition catalog essays are written by art critics and art historians. But I’m in charge! And I couldn’t be more excited about having one of my favorite comedians, Paul F. Tompkins, writing for the catalog.

Paul F. Tompkins at home

Paul F. Tompkins!

The famous comedian. You may know him from television (The Daily Show, Comedy Central specials, Mr. Show, Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins, appearances on Community, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and many more), from his popular podcast The Pod F. Tompkast, from the Best Show on WFMU, and from being a comedian.

Pledge your support and get the essay! The essay appears in the SPACES exhibition catalog (starts at the $25 level) and in the book (starts at $65).

If you’ve already pledged your support, you can manage your pledge level and select new rewards anytime within the next few days!

Don’t wait, do it now!

What will he write?

I’m not sure what form this essay will take or where Paul stands. On the one hand he had this experience buying a house.

Paul F. Tompkins – Buying a House

On the other hand, he has made clear how rich he is on stage

And in this music video, he is wearing a tuxedo and financing musicals!

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Posted on August 3, 2011


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Adobe just released a pre-version of Adobe Edge, their new HTML5/CSS3/JS animation editor. I’ve tested it’s limits and here’s my cutting-edge ADOBE EDGE DEMO!!! ;D


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If you type “fuck” or “shit” into Google’s new What Do You Love? service you are adorably redirected to “kittens” instead. I dug through their source code and extracted Google’s complete list of unspeakables, embedded below.


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Posted on July 28, 2011


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If only she had worn a sweater, her health my have improved. Sweater for Amy Winehouse by Andrew Salomone.

I heard something about Amy Winehouse having health issues. Then I noticed that Amy Winehouse never seemed to be wearing a lot of clothes in any of the pictures I saw of her. I also noticed that she changed her look very often and looked drastically different from picture to picture. It occurred to me that maybe she felt like she had to wear revealing clothing in order to be recognized by showing off her distinctive tattoos. I found several pictures where it appears that even when she did wear warmer clothing, she was still forced to expose her tattoos.

Posted on July 23, 2011


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