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This is an awesome project by Matt Richardson, called the Enough Already:

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little sick of hearing about the same people on TV over and over again. I came up with this Arduino-based solution to mute my TV so that I don’t have to hear about Donald Trump’s feud with whomever or Charlie Sheen’s most recent rant. Using the Video Experimenter Shield, the Arduino is able to decode the closed captioning transcription track, which is transmitted along with the NTSC picture signal. The incoming text is processed for a set of keywords such as “KARDASHIAN” or “SNOOKI” and sends my television’s IR remote control mute command, muting the TV for 30 seconds and then unmuting it (as long as a keyword isn’t mentioned again).

Posted on August 16, 2011


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Summer Mix by Theo Watson for FFFFFAT.
Hope you enjoy!

Download it here:

Listen online here.

Summer Mix 2011
1 – JamieXX – Far/Nearer
2 – Metronomy – The Look
3 – Ugly Lovely – Kiss The Sky (Explosions In The Sky Vs Redman & Methodman)
4 – Alexander – Truth Feat The RZA
5 – Beruit – East Harlem
6 – Lana Del Rey – Video Games
7 – Mumford And Sons – Home
8 – Cassius – I Love You So
9 – M83 – MidnightCity
10 – ASAP Rocky – Peso
11 – Minnesota – HoldUp
12 – Joker And Buggsy – 4am
13 – Glasser – Tremel (Jamie XX Remix)
14 – Jamie Woon – Echoes
15 – Sbtrkt – Trials Of The Past
16 – The Tallest Man On Earth – Weather Of A Killing Kind
17 – Woodkid – Iron
18 – Wiley -Wise Man And His Words
19 – The Jealous Guys – Genesis
20 – ASAP Rocky – Wassup
21 – Blackbird Blackbird – Avalanche (Star Slinger Remix)
22 – Unknown Artist – Unknown Track
23 – Clams Casino – Wizard
24 – Hudson Mohawke – Octan

Theo Watson – Winter Mix 2011
Theo Watson – Autumn Mix 2010
Theo Watson – Summer Mix 2010
Theo Watson – Spring Mix 2010
Theo Watson – 2009 Mix

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Posted on August 12, 2011


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This post is a brief alert to announce the final (updated, v.1.1) release of the F.A.T. Lab’s QR_STENCILER software. This tool is a free, fully-automated utility that converts QR codes into vector-based stencil patterns suitable for laser-cutting. The QR_STENCILER is described in full detail in our 19 July blog post.

The newest version of the QR_STENCILER adds the following functionality:

  • Options allowing both black-on-white and white-on-black (“reverse”) stenciling;
  • A graphical user interface with checkboxes and sliders from the ControlP5 library;
  • Rounded corner options (including both circular arcs and Bezier curves);
  • Precompiled executables for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux;
  • Vector path simplification for improved lasercutting.

Moreover, the QR_STENCILER can now be downloaded from the following 3 locations:

Thank you for your interest in this project, and happy stenciling.
The F.A.T. Lab staff

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As net art is entering into widespread recognition, a trend of purchasing is occurring by interested collectors. Instead of the takedowns typically seen from Homeland Security / FBI domain seizures, collectors are issuing their own takedown notices as digital web pages are being entered into private galleries & museums, removing these pieces from the public visibility that gave these artists and their digital works their viewing audience.

Don’t be surprised when you see a digital purchase takedown notice on your favorite piece.

Make your own: Download the Purchase Takedown Notice PSD (1.2MB).


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Posted on August 3, 2011


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