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Learning from the lessons of the 1%, I set forth to outsource our occupy-related labor to a robotic workforce. Robots obviously have many advantages over their human counterparts. For instance, robots never get tired, they don’t get cold, they don’t sleep, nor eat, don’t require tents, and when armed insurrection becomes necessary, robots are much more morally ambivalent. Additionally, we had a discussion with an unnamed member of the San Francisco police force and they confided in us that the police currently do not have any plan for dealing with robotic occupiers.

For all of those reasons and more, I present to you Occu(pi) Bot; the first in a promising line of tireless, unstoppable, robotic class warriors.

Learn how to make your own:

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Posted on November 17, 2011


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You might remember i got kicked out of a MAFIAA hearing in Mexico just for tweeting about a secret copyright trade agreement called ACTA. Boing Boing and TechDirt have fun details about it.

Lots of people have been involved in the fight against this insane legal weapon designed behind closed doors to protect the 1%. Unfortunately the United States and 7 other countries already sign it. México has pulled out for the moment and Europe still could do something to smash ACTA, once and for all.

Our friends at La Quadrature du Net in France released an awesome video that already have more than 500K views on the tube. You may share it, copy it and remix it.

Got it? Do something. Internet is for the 99%.

More at

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/b/, F.A.T. style

For the last day of the Occupy the Internet Exhibition, we decided to go out with a bang, and occupy 4chan‘s Notorious B.I.B.—/b/ Image Board. As Evan put it: “exhibiting on 4chan is more exciting than exhibiting at the MoMA.”

The reaction thus far has been positive, ranging from:

“Good old social conditioning, by forcing users too associate the irrational emotion of ‘annoyance’ with a the abstract concepts of the movement, your m00t is nothing but a capitalist candy-ass using tactics devised by Edward Bernays… sorry to say guys… this is worse than FOX”



Oh well—we’ll make Fatties out of them eventually.

Thanks Jamie Dubs for the wicked CSS.

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Posted on November 4, 2011


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The Occupy the Internet Exhibition is now live on 866+ websites until the end of the day Friday (Nov. 4). Pour yourself some Champaign and point your browser to any occupied website.

Participating artists (view all gifs at full resolution here):
Aram Bartholl: (.gif)
Brad Downey: (.gif)
Constant Dullaart: (.gif)
Dragan Espenschied: (.gif)
Mark Jenkins: (.gif)
moot: (.gif)
La Quadrature Du Net: (.gif)
Olia Lialina: (.gif)
Jonah Peretti & Chelsea Peretti: (.gif | .gif)
Ryder Ripps: (.gif)
Rafael Rozendaal: (.gif)
Telecomix: (.gif)
Charlie Todd: (.gif)

Curated by Evan Roth

Coded by Jamie Wilkinson

Code for Occupy the Internet by Greg, Theo, Jamie and Tobi.
Concept development for Occupy the Internet by Theo, Jerry, Jamie, Greg, Evan, Aram, Tobi and Randy.

Update 11/2: we’re excited to welcome a GIF by Chris “moot” Poole to the exhibition.

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Posted on November 1, 2011


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The expressions published in this site are all in the public domain. You may enjoy, use, modify, snipe about and republish all F.A.T. media and technologies as you see fit.