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Brand new swag for precarious chicks!

Crash at  Science Friction in Copenhagen to get some bling on!

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Now why the fuck would I wait to get Google Glass?  What good is a technology that alienates and belittles people?  Don’t be scared this is APPLE EYES homie.

APPLEeyes1 APPLEeyes2APPLEeyes

Posted on February 20, 2013


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Recently I’ve decided to explore where my graffiti can live within the matrix. I’ve always loved video games and building things so here we are.  The future of graffiti for me will be in the form of black hat tactics.

MINECRAFT offers me a way to connect with my untainted inner youth and create expressions of criminal activity without the police punching me in the head or rival graffiti writers shooting at me. During the construction of this “KA” throw-up, I experienced extreme moments of vertigo when accidentally falling off the top of the letters. I have an incredible ability to truly feel the experience within video games which makes me sweat and scream while playing in first person.  Also peep the fame tokens.









Posted on February 20, 2013


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Notice a mistake in a presentation? Make a comment card: grab the nearest heavy card stock (maybe a flyer), and cut out a stencil of the comment you’d like to make, and put your mobile phone’s flashlight behind it.

At a conference full of guys this week, I noticed one of the presentations only used male figures for their “participating networked people” icons. So I cut out a female figure with a sharp key, and added the flashlight.



Special thanks to Julian Oliver and Gabriel Shalom for help with documentation and some social engineering.

Posted on February 16, 2013


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