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Personally, as an artiste, I know my work isn’t finished until 1) my mom calls to tell me how disappointed she is in me or 2) I get a cease & desist letter for copyright infringement. So, what does it mean if you get a C&D from iconoclast street artist Shepard Fairey for your parody of his senescent work. Well, for Baxter Orr, it means you can def clock out for the day my brother and celebrate a job well done. And for Shepard, i think it means you’re basically finished too.

Update: For a photo of the print that launched as many as one C&D click here.

* via Bucky at Animal New York
* Mark Vallen on why Shepard Fairey is himself a plagarist
* Learn how to reply to legal threats from the masters

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This was an experiment we did last semester w/ Mr. G. Barlow as part of the Internet Famous course at Parsons (season II coming next semester). A couple of things we learned in the process:

1) You can buy your way into awards such as “Most Viewed Per Day/Week/Month” in a given category (in our case How To & Style)
2) Youtube view count vs unique visitors (tracked independently from youtube) match up pretty close when buying famo (44,716 Youtube views and 57,663 unique visitors) .
3) In our experience if you pay for 100,000 visitors it will translate into roughly 45,000 youtube views.
4) If you’re paying to drive traffic to a youtube clip on autoplay you’ll get banned if there is audio.

The stats page is publicly available here if you’re interested in doing further research in famo studies. Original project page here

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Posted on April 5, 2008


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See how I did that, with the words and the spelling and the… nevermind.

via my man Radio Raffi, BIA BIA!

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Posted on April 2, 2008


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Javelin – Education!

Hot jamz from George and Tom of Javelin, the freshest music coming out of Providence since Tavares.
Olneyville stand up!
Filmed in one afternoon on a crappy homemade greenscreen, edited by me in like 15 hours.

Archival footage from Archive.org, archiving the entire internet and enriching the public domain since 1996. Yo nerds, be sure to check out their fantastic collection of The Computer Chronicles TV show. Peace to Dan the Man for lending me the camera.

(p.s. Javelin, coming soon to a MoMA near you!)

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