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Fattie Evan Roth is flying off to Hong Kong with his supergirl wife to begin working with our future Chinese overlords on a plan for world domination. We’ll be sending him off in style Sunday (SUNDAY!) the 11th from 3-6pm in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. And, dear reader, you are invited. This is your last chance to pester Evan about how L.A.S.E.R. tag actually works (you: “Wait so you’re writing on the wall? What happens when the projector gets turned off” Evan:”Zzzzzz”) because you know he wont answer your email. Geeks: please try not to be awkward.

Sorry for the late notice (not really) and to further rub it in your eye, it’s a pot luck, so bring food. We’ll try to find a grassy knoll somewhere near the 5th st. and 9th ave. entrance.

Note: Look in the comments of this post for plans if it rains.


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Posted on May 9, 2008


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Jerrem, a student of the G.R.L. master class in Adelaide, is only a wordpress theme away from having G.R.L. Australia fully up and operational. He’s done several projection experiments, including laser tag and this ghostbuster car modification. My favorite so far however is the stuff he’s done on the mean streets of his kitchen (video above). Looking forward to seeing this technique outside.

For more information on the G.R.L. master class in Adelaide you can check the class blog (written and updated by Lachlan), and our photos.

G.R.L. Australia Coming Soon…….

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Did You Know?: The default Mac OS X (I’m on version 10.4.11) screensaver picture slideshow function can read an alpha channel in a .gif file. That is to say, as the slideshow plays your images, a .gif with an alpha channel will appear to be “on top” of the previous image, and as the slideshow goes on, the .gifs will continue to “layer” on until an image of a different format is displayed, which has a default white or black background.

So what?

Take advantage of the randomizing function to create some home-made screensaver machinima art!

The animation above is a sample implementation: The NEW Office Party Screensaver from FATLAB.

In the spirit of Men of the Internet, this screensaver is a series of carefully-sliced 800×600 .gifs, sourced from the faces of the hardest working local board members, regional vice presidents, administrative assistants, and other fruitful regular-dude-generating search terms on the internet. The .gifs layer over one another to hybridize these generic gentlemen into a randomly-generated ultimate budget-balancing force of suits. Its dudes! (<-- math joke)

Click here to download a small .zip file of the .gifs. Point your screensaver to it and set your preferences like this:

And you’re all set! Never not working, brought to you by the FATLAB.

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Posted on May 8, 2008


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For the record, I thought of this way before this.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Posted on May 7, 2008


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