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Google is collecting a lot of data about how we use the web. The new Google Alarm Firefox addon visually & audibly alerts you whenever your personal information is being sent to Google servers. Click here to install:

No-sound version (workplace-friendly)
is also available: click to install

Chrome extension now available (beta): click to install

No sound version: click to install

Even outside Gmail and YouTube you are constantly sending Google your information through their vast network of “tracking bugs”: Google Analytics, Google AdSense, YouTube embeds, API calls… all of this data can be used to monitor & track your personal web browsing habits.

Google Alarm shows notifications, plays sound effects and keeps running stats about the % of websites you’ve visit with Google bugs present. Stay alert – install Google Alarm today.


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Source code: (MIT licensed)

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Originally developed during FUCK GOOGLE @ Transmediale 2010. Thanks to Evan Roth, Tobias Leingruber and Aram Bartholl for advice & assistance. For more of our creative browser addon work check out ARTZILLA.

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Posted on July 27, 2010



  1. santasonic says:

    Unfortunately it alarms on each page using Iron which is supposed to be a Google free chrom from

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  6. […] the contents of your Gmail and Google Docs accounts. Sure it’s a little creepy to think about all the data Google collects about an average user, but if they’re going to be mining that data anyway, they may as well pay you back with some […]

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  9. sebastian says:

    after alarm went on, i cant click links in the area of the alarm message :(

  10. FrankGrimes says:

    Ironic that I get an alert for this page..

  11. Sam says:

    What I don’t like about this is that you are making a big deal about the tracking without telling people what it used for. Terming the tracking cookies as “tracking bugs” only creates fear and panic in people when there is really nothing to fear.

    Websites use Google Analytics to better understand their visitors and figure out what kind of content and products to develop and feature. Google might be able to track exactly where you are going, but the websites using Google Analytics only get generalizations (example: 12% of visitors on the home page visit Category X next). This information is used by webmasters to highlight the most meaningful content and make it more accessible to their visitors.

    Adsense is used to display relevant advertisements on people’s websites. If you are on a tech blog, the Adsense script scans your page and tries to display ads related to the content.

    If you want to go back to the days of web rings, crappy unrelated ads all over the place, and not being able to find the content you want on your favorite websites, go ahead and continue to vilify Google. But while you’re at it, make sure to include all the other analytics packages like Omniture, HBX, ClickTracks, WebTrends, and CoreMetrics. You know, the ones that can be customized to actually follow your every move rather than provide generalizations.

  12. BoZ says:

    There is a simple way to block Google Analytics. Just add the lines to your hosts-file:

    # [Google Inc]

  13. BoZ says:

    Forget about the “http://” in the middle line. Obviously this site added on its own, cos’ I didn’t write it…

  14. Sally says:


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  16. Bella says:

    Thanks for this great innovation. I am shocked that Big Brother Google spies on EVERY WEB SITE i use. So, once the alarm goes off, how do we then prevent Google from their shenanigans? I use Ubuntu 8.4 and Google Chrome (Sometimes Opera). Can someone explain to me in simple terms? I am not a computer geek, just a simple person who does not like being spied on.
    Thanks in advance

  17. Pavel says:

    Nowhere I found any information about the requested firefox version. I have firefox 3.5.6 and it’s not possible to install.

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  19. Benjamin says:

    This site uses the analytics tracking bug.

    All this bug does is tell site owner how they got to their website. The exact same thing can be accomplished through the web servers log, google just happens to provide a super easy way to do the same thing through a piece of javascript.

    This is being blow way out of proportion. Blocking this bug provides nothing of value to your privacy.

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  21. Christopher says:

    With all due respect…. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS! Seriously, I do not care if Google knows what I am doing online.

    You are trying to wake up people to something that they don’t really care about.

    It’s like waking someone up when a rat farts!

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  23. FrankGrimes says:

    Funny, I installed this plug in mostly out of curiosity. Less than 10% of the pages I visit picked up an alert. So either 1: Google is not picking up stats from as many pages as is being implied, or 2: I seem to have a habit of not surfing to stupid pages like blogs or a lot of e-commerce.

    Yes, the alarm is picking up on non-private info that Google grabs, but for me it’s mostly curiosity. I just want to see what they are looking at. This tool, at least in it’s current version, is useless and does nothing but spread panic.

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  27. cosy says:

    i still get sounds after installing no sound version

  28. J says:

    I think most people are missing the point. The point is that you should not be affraid to question why things are the way they are. If no one questions why then how will you know or find out if your rights have been violated.

    The biggest problem as one post said is intelectual property rights. Say you have a good idea and you do a search in google. Your idea is now fair game for anyone with access to search entries. Is that OK??

  29. karen says:

    does google know where osama is hiding – they should go after him and could improve their image – or maybe just prove how much they really know

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  32. robson says:

    Opera version please!

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  38. Mark-Wilson says:

    I have tried uninstalling the Google Alarm plugin to no avail. I un-installed and re-installed Firefox to get rid of the alarm but it is still there.
    How do I kill it?

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  40. […] 日々、Webサイトを巡回していると、何らかの形で個人情報を収集されることはもはや避けられない状況だ。もちろん、IPアドレスやホスト名を知られたからといって、自分に何か不利益が生じるわけではない。また、アクセス解析などの形で収集される情報は、Webサイトをさらに良くするためのデータとして使われる場合がほとんどで、それは巡り巡って、自分のところに返ってくる。Webサイトによる個人情報の収集は、メリットの方が大きいのだが、せめて「どのWebサイトがどんな情報を収集しているのか」は、知っておきたいのが人情というものだ。そ んな人にピッタリなのが、この「Google-Alarm」(。このツールは、 「FireFox」、または「Google Chorome」のブラウザに組み込むアドオン(エクステンション)で、GoogleにWeb閲覧情報を送信するたびに、アラートしてくれるのだ。このツールをインストールしながら、Webサイトを巡回していると、大手と呼ばれるサイトのほとんどが、「Google Analytics」や「Google AdSense」を通じてユーザーの情報を収集していることがわかる。このツールは個人情報の送信をブロックするツールではないので、個人情報を送信されたとしても、傍観することしかできないのだが、様々なサイトで情報の収集が行われていることを実感することは、それなりに意味がある。ちなみに、このツールを配布しているWebサイト。ほかのエントリーではGoogleを非難していたりするのだが、その一方で「Google Analytics」を使って、ユーザーの個人情報を収集しているというのもおかしな話だ。■Google Alarm […]

  41. Burrowowl says:

    @William Lee – I double-checked the behavior of a virgin Chrome install versus a copy of Iron, and upon loading and surfing to a single website (which has no external references), Wireshark showed only traffic to the target web server when I used Iron. It showed a bunch of http requests to when using Chrome. Also a couple http requests to for whatever reason. Otherwise my only traffic while testing were some totally-reasonable DNS requests to where I’d expect them to go.

    I’m not claiming that SRWare was truly diligent in cleaning up the Chrome browser, but a quick honesty check indicates they did something that smacks of improved privacy.

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