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A new week of cutting-edge projects themed around evil mother Google !!! Backup your data now !!!

In preparation for our upcoming epic F.A.T. Lab meet up at Transmediale10 Berlin we are pleased to announce our next topic week FUCK GOOGLE ! Stay tuned for a series of brand new pieces to be released here in the upcoming week!

F.A.T. lab is nomintaed for the Transmediale Award 2010

Transmediale 2010 “Futurity now!”
February 2nd – 7th,  2010
Berlin, Germany

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Google is the most popular site on the world wide web. Since Larry Page and Sergey Brin opened the Menlo Park doors of their corporate office in 1998, Google has grown to be much more than just the defacto information search utility for the web. Beyond having over 150 domains, dozens of web, browser and desktop apps, a number of the most popular sites on the web (like YouTube), partnerships with multimedia conglomerates and multinational telecoms, one spy satellite and a mysterious network of telecommunication infrastructure, Google has become a new word in the international lexicon. I Googled it. 구글했다. Je l’ai googlelé. Jeg googlede det. ググった。 Eu Googled isso. Ich hab’s gegoogled. मॅँ googled है. Yo googleo.
Google, Ergo Sum.

But, it wasn’t always easy streets for the kindly, corporate giant. Shining a light into the darkness of the early web was not as simple as it looked. It took patience, a “don’t be evil” mantra, football fields of high-end office furniture, and millions and millions of ads. As F.A.T. Lab fellows Randy Sarafan and Geraldine Juárez, wrote in their tell-all, Google, biopic entitled, Lost and Found:

“Webrings just wouldn’t work… Information needed to be freed and shopping needed to be accessible. There could only ever be one,,, and would all be outposts in the wilderness without a road to lead you there. Google’s benevolent hands built that road. And they built millions of other roads. And then they lined these roads with billboards. And with the money they made on these billboards, they built entire cities of industry. And within these cities, they erected more billboards. And pretty soon, Google, the mere builder of roads, owned half of the frontier, which was no longer a frontier, but a megalopolis without borders.”

So, what is so “fuck-worthy” about Mother-google? It is the fact that a corporate entity, even one as beloved and competent as Google, is in control of such a large stake in the digital network and public utility upon which we have all grown so reliant. And, that as a publicly traded company, it doesn’t have to answer to anyone but its largest shareholders, despite the fact that its decisions effect the lives and private information of millions of people. Few even question or raise a voice in opposition to the Google-ification of the Internet.

Don’t get us wrong, we use Google too. We use search, blog search, gmail, YouTube, calendar, docs, analytics, maps, etc. We use them like we do the sidewalk or a public toilets when we have to take a piss: because it feels like there just isn’t any other option. Sure, there are alternatives to Google. But, they mostly suck. And to not use Google means to lose access to an enormous network and some of the most reliable tools on the Internet.

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That is why for Transmediale 2010, F.A.T. Lab proposes ‘FuckGoogle’, a collection of browser add-ons, open source software, theoretical musings and direct actions aimed at creating an awareness of the role Google plays in our daily lives. Throughout the duration of Transmediale, F.A.T. members and friends will publish free software, live streams, communiques and video documentation of actions on the blog. So, join us and let’s all FuckGoogle together. By the way, does anyone have Sergey’s email or home address?

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Posted on January 29, 2010



  1. black man wuz here and there says:

    FUCK GOOGLE!!!! first off, every time a look for a rare item on google,its sold out!!! when i look on bing, the item is not sold out.yo i dont fucking get it!!!! FUCK GOOGLE!!it sucks when looking for rare items.if ya know what i mean.

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  3. Ross says:

    The biggest lying Jew of all is Eric Goldman who is gayest Jew on the planet. Eric Goldman is a shitty Jew shyster who hangs around Google in the hopes of fucking Sergey Brin. Sergey just got married to a “beard” (an ugly Jewess) so the rumors about him being gay would die down. Sorry, Sergey, it didn’t work and never will.

  4. fgded says:

    !!!!!THE FUCK!!!!! google

  5. Hydrogod says:

    google search : fuck google

    this site is number one

    good shit

  6. GoogleFucker says:

    Fuck google
    fuck adsense
    Fuck Facebook too

  7. google raped my mom says:

    fuck google they are heartless assholes its funny how many people try to defend them sad brainwashed fuckers my gmail is so great I love how google databases all my info just better hope google doesn’t tell your wife about the emails your boyfriend has been sending you

  8. google whore says:

    You guys are so immature. Google is the best. you wouldn’t even be alive if the almighty google didn’t approve your birth. You guys cant even use proper english . I mean come on guys its a internet comment board you better hope the grammar nazis don’t kidnapp you in the night and water board you for not using that period at the end of your sentence. Im glad I can sleep at night knowing that I let google fuck my ass and im happy they do. so stop thinking for yourself and agree with everything google cnn fox and the government tells you

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  10. Yeah,.. everybody hates jews with millions of reasons.


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  12. Geez says:

    I’m on your side, but people vote with their feet…. and if you aren’t committed enough to your cause to be able to live without using google, how would you expect to convince us to not use them. (Is that what you’re even trying to do?_) I personally see you as being softer than myself- At least I’ve been trying to find other ways- If you’re a part of the problem then you’re a part of the solution…

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  16. Kebenu says:

    Why would they care about anyone but themselves? If I had created a company capable of overthrowing small governments would I even care about complaints from tiny piss ants like yourselves? my hatred stems from the jealosy of not working for them not because how they treat people because in all honesty I would be even worse. My end game would be global domination. What would make me happy is to see Mr. Gates in poverty eating dry mr. noodles and dying from cysticercosis

  17. ShittinOnGoogleStuff says:

    I love to shit and defecate on google stuff.

  18. Nigger Hater says:

    FUCK NIGGER’S !!!! & GOOGLE!!!!!

  19. Nigger Hater says:


  20. larva says:

    Google is another fucking jewish company made by 2 russian jew fucks. Who would be cleaning toilets in russia if they dont get out to the states.

    Google and MICROSHIT must be stopped expanding to other areas and killing thousands of small businesses!

  21. Mother fuck google I hope you implode from our conscious energy you fucking CIA , queen sucking cunts I hope you’d burn in he’ll when yous die I hope yous find me so I can personally shit in your mouths

  22. PEACE says:

    When I read something like “fucking Russian, Jew or gay” as a main argument, I do think that person using it is a poor little thing full of hate. The hate is the most easiest way of existence, you don’t need to think and use your own brains, but simply hate and blame Jews, Russians, gays, lesbians in every single things happening to you including the rainy day. It is pathetic. If you really would like to get out of the matrix, don’t hate Google, eliminate the hate within you.
    And yes, I am both Jew and Russian :)

  23. lauren says:

    ilike google

  24. Bez says:

    me too have a plan campaign Fuck Google. Damn this ignorant site with weird name goog goog dog!

  25. Hezza says:

    “is in control of such a large stake in the digital network and public utility upon which we have all grown so reliant”
    What “public utility”? This is a company that was created by pot-smoking hippies that were sick and tired of Microsoft becoming more and more corporate. They created a great web search engine. However, they are not a Deep Web engine. If private information is on the internet (which is not owned by ANYONE), it is not Googles fault. It is the fault of the publishing site. Basically you are bitching because a great super engine was created for the masses. If you researched this further you will find that there are other engines that dive deep into web and pull “everything” on any public computer about a person. This is freedom of technology. The engine is free and gives just the tip of the iceberg. I am very proud that Google had the balls to stand up to China’s government and tell THEM to fuck off, after the governement break-in and arrests of numerious Chineese due to things they said on private e-mail to others. What other company or government has ever done that. Everyone looks the other way and pretends it doesn’t exsist. So, instead of FUCK GOOGLE – I create _FUCK YA! GOOGLE!
    Just think, the next best thing is BING..

  26. fuck google says:

    fuck google
    google sucks

  27. Josh says:

    FUCK YOU GOOGLE,man this shitty verify your identity took me 10 hours to identify today and my phone number doesnt work anymore it says i created too many accounts with this number but i never created any just identified this just happened with a friend too,now i need to buy another mobile just to check my gmail and youtube and when this new number got checked many times ill need another phone number thats sick.big fuck to you google.

  28. Jo says:

    where is the freedom of speech with google baning everything from its search go fuck yourself google.

  29. tony montana says:

    F U C K google propaganda

  30. billyjack says:

    anybody got a good alternative other than the onions?

  31. FuckGoogle says:

    fucking google is a internet machine to spy on human race. well fuck-you-google we are scared of you and we bring you down because we are the human race. check our email, tap in to phones, check our bank balance, but you and the rest of the fucking jews cannot take away our freedom because the masses are awaking and be scared and very scared because we are coming after every fucking jews who tried to dominate any other race.

  32. cameron h says:

    fuck youtube. google totally fucked that shit up. hope it dies now. and the mods get raped in prison

  33. öhm says:

    yea.. fuck google!

  34. fuck google says:

    fuck google and fucking CIA agents jewish gay boys.

  35. Fuad Kamal says:

    My name is Fuad Kamal and I run Anaara Media in Beltsville, Maryland. Sergey Brin of Google is my worst enemy because he is a Jew who stole my copyrighted works. Jews are thieves and monsters. Sergey Brin, kiss my ass!

  36. I like this domain name ^_^

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  38. FUCK YOU GOOGLE,man this shitty verify your identity took me 10 hours to identify today and my phone number doesnt work anymore it says i created too many accounts with this number but i never created any just identified this just happened with a friend too,now i need to buy another mobile just to check my gmail and youtube and when this new number got checked many times ill need another phone number thats sick.big fuck to you google.

  39. submit says:

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  42. Foley says:

    Sergey Brin can kiss Fuad Kamal’s ass and mine, too. Sergey Brin is a stinking jew, Fuad Kamal is right about that one. Sergey Brin and Larry Paige are rotten Jews who run a slime company Google that will steal your mother-in-law’s underpants for a penny! Jews are born of Satan.

  43. Truefacts says:

    I always use Google but Google ads are pissing me off and they are the proof that Google is spying on us!!! FUCK GOOGLE let everyone fuck it, for the freedom of human kind! Thankfully, when I type “google “in this comment box, it still underlines it in red ! THERE IS STILL HOPE ! Together we shall FUCK GOOGLE !
    I hope this page will soon be the first to appear on the search list of ” FUCK GOOGLE ” on Google’s fucking website !!
    Kids, take advise

  44. Truefacts says:

    WEW, I didnt noticed but this website is already the 1st result of the research FUCK GOOGLE !! my congratulations to the admin :D

  45. Truefacts says:

    wait a minute..what if YOU WERE A SPY FROM GOOGLE ?? Sent to TERMINATE ALL GOOGLE’s ennemies’ e-mails !!! THAT MUST BE Y… I DONT CARE, TELL Your fucking GOOGLE boss that WE FUCK GOOGLE !!

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