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Awesome Laser Tag mod put together by the students of Professor Shigeru Kobayashi from the IAMAS university in Japan.

Professor Shigeru ( inventor of the awesome Gainer hardware system and the Funnel hardware protocol ) took part in the openFrameworks workshop Zach and I gave in YCAM this fall. In the workshop he hacked Laser Tag to allow brush and color controls from one of his wireless hardware units. Looks like his students took it one step further.

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Posted on December 17, 2008


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Beta of the 36 M@fia player – almost 700 songs of 36 M@fia goodness.
Interface is simple as pie.

– Like a track? Download it!

– Don’t like it? Skip it!

The ultimate goal is to compile the ultimate 36 M@fia mix – so the final version will have a database and all that good stuff.

But for now download the ones you like and post your favorite ten tracks in the comments.

36 M@fia 24 7 Player

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Posted on August 29, 2008


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You Tube uses video identification software to find copyrighted works and recently it started kicking-in, in full effect. Identify all Rick Roll videos as copyrighted material belonging to Sony Entertainment. The nice thing is that Sony is permitting the video to be posted but either Sony or You Tube enforce a no-embedding policy that breaks Rolltube. This small bump in the road has resulted in a rather nice solution – the Slow Mo Rolltube that agonizingly taunts you at half the speed of the original.

####### — Install the updated Rolltube Firefox Plugin to experience the magic #######

Continue reading for the email You Tube sends you when they discover your video is copywrited content.

Dear Member:

This is to notify you that your video sisters kissing (twins) has been as
containing content that may be owned by someone else. The material
identified in your video, the person claiming ownership of the material, and
the policy they have designated for its use on YouTube are detailed below.

Video from Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up
Copyright Holder:

If the policy listed is “Allow,” you do not need to take action. However,
if the policy listed is “Block,” please visit the Video ID Matches page in
your account: Failure to take
action may result in the removal of your video from YouTube.

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Posted on May 23, 2008


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RollTube is a Rick Roll Firefox Extension that switches every YouTube video with the infamous Rick Roll video. The experience has been described as “like the whole internet ganging up and rick rolling you at the same time”.

We say: great to install across all the machines in your office / lab / classroom. RollTube is cross platform and needs no special admin rights to install!

The Video: includes instructions and RollTube snuff action!

RollTube – the rick roll firefox extension from fffffat labs on Vimeo.

UPDATED – You Tube seems to be on to us – they blocked the video. RollTube 0040 uses a different rick roll video. The War is on!
Get RollTube Regular or the super evil RollTube Autoplay here.

RollTube is the 2nd in our FFFFFAT series of evil firefox extensions (totally worksafe!) and follows hot on the heels of the original bad boy, the Firefox Tourettes Extension. FFFFFAT believes in supplying both sides in the all out Rick Astley war – so to protect ya neck check out the “Never be Rick Rolled again” Rick Roll Adblock Extension.

Open Source:
In typical fffffat fffffashion get and improve the source here
Auto play source here. Use the awesome User Script Compiler to turn the code into an extension.



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Posted on March 13, 2008


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