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For the March 2010 issue of Boards Magazine, Emily Gobeille and I worked with Nexus Productions to develop an interactive cover experience called Rise and Fall. The software uses the amazing opensource Ferns tracking library together and openFrameworks, an opensource creative coding library written in C++.

Here is a little preview of the experience.

Software and cover:
Download the software and the cover as a pdf to try it out for your self:

Source code:
Grab the source code here:
Post questions about it on the openFrameworks forum.

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Posted on March 16, 2010


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A custom version of Fat Tag Deluxe – Katsu Edition hacked for projection bombing goodness!

Grab the original app here.

First 10 comments get a custom Fat Tag Deluxe – Katsu Editon with projector output sent to them. [ ps it requires dropping a bit of cash on a fancy white apple cable for it to be any use ]. Drop your email and uuid in the comments and once I have all ten I’ll send it over.

How To:
Using the awesome code posted here and by adding the Media Player Framework to your xcode project – all you need to do is add one file to your project ( UIApplication_TVOut.m ) and paste one line of code into the file that is managing your iPhone app:

So for us that was at this point in ( from the OF iPhone 006 release ).

//Add this line to start outputting to TV / Projector
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] startTVOut];

Once you have done this your app will automatically output through the av cable to a projector or TV. You might see some weird artifacts on the iPhone screen but the output on the projector will be clear.

Here’s hoping that Apple will make this framework public soon – as soon as it is it will be added to the official Fat Tag Deluxe (iTunes link) version.

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Posted on January 8, 2010


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FatTag Deluxe
Katsu Edition!


The long awaited update to the original Fat Tag – The Deluxe Edition co-created with NYC graffiti artist Katsu is now available in the App Store.

Features include:
* Multiple default backgrounds
* Additional background selection from camera, photo library
* Scale, rotate, angle, opacity options for realistically overlaying tag onto camera image.
* Multiple pen/brush tips and colors
* Full accelerometer based drips
* Speed based thickness
* Upload gml and screenshot to FAT’s
* Save tags to photo library

—- Grab it here ( iTunes link ) —–

Update: Fresh from Katsu

Check this quick video overview ( found on youtube )

Made with openFrameworks

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Posted on January 8, 2010


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An alternate take on the end of year FAT mix posts.
Post the top 5 mixes/mixtapes/dj-sets that have rocked your world in 2009!

Theo’s 5:

1) Nueva Cumbia mix:
2) Uproot Andy – Guacharaca Migration Mix
3) Uproot Andy – Diesel Umusic Radio
4) Rico Uno & Erik Devereux – Swag Surfing Mix
5) Solitude – Ambient Dubstep Volume 2

Jdubs recommends

1) Kid Cudi: A Kid Named Cudi
2) Chris Macro – King Tubby vs. Wu-Tang Clan – Macro Dubplates vol. 1
2) Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – How Fly

bennett4senate reccommends:

1) Stones Throw Podcast 49: Dam Funk’s Spiritual Flight
2) Javelin – Andean Ocean Mixtape
3) WFMU – Ken’s 2nd Annual Krampus Special
4) Josh Dunn – Chapter Verse
5) Bennett4$enate – Wine Coolers (cheating, I know :)

Geraldine’s Top 5 (dutty artz fan mix mix):

1) Outras Terras Mixtape
Maga Bo – Outras Terras Mixtape
2) s3cr3t-kn0w13dg3 – Matt Shadetek
s3cr3t-kn0w13dg3 mix – Matt Shadetek
3) Famata Was Here – Lamin Fontana (Lamin marry me plz?)
Famata was Here
4) Solar Life Raft – Dj Rupture and Matt Shadetek
Solar Life Raft. (available in the internets)
5) Slayers Mix by Dj Ripley
Dj Ripley at Taringa

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Posted on January 2, 2010


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