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Rollin’ with the slick new Firefox 3 beta yet? Sadly when I fired it up it sez to me “some of your extensions are incompatible with this version of Firefox”. It’s full of shit. Here’s how to get around it:

» click for full quality video

Instructions (via):
1. visit the URL “about:config”
2. right-click -> New -> Boolean
3. name: extensions.checkCompatibility
4. value: false
5. Restart Firefox
6. ????

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Posted on April 18, 2008


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Bear Stearns may be biting the dust… but SERIOUS BU$INESS always pays dividends.

dapper motherfuckers

Dance party, this Thursday!
March 27th, 2008
285 Bedford Ave, just below Grand St.
F R E E all night
10pm – ??

F.A.T. D.J. C.R.E.W.
Bennett4Senate – Mike McGill – Alex Biederman – Jamie Dubs
Try before you buy:

More MP3s from the last show: fffff.at/audio
Even more! fffff.at/serious-business

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A gl_tail visualization of the fffff.at traffic logs, at 2x realtime. Recorded March 12th, 2008 at 12:30pm.

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Posted on March 19, 2008


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Posted on March 18, 2008


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