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Jerrem, a student of the G.R.L. master class in Adelaide, is only a wordpress theme away from having G.R.L. Australia fully up and operational. He’s done several projection experiments, including laser tag and this ghostbuster car modification. My favorite so far however is the stuff he’s done on the mean streets of his kitchen (video above). Looking forward to seeing this technique outside.

For more information on the G.R.L. master class in Adelaide you can check the class blog (written and updated by Lachlan), and our photos.

G.R.L. Australia Coming Soon…….

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Jesus Saves was one of the first graffiti writers I got to know when I moved to NYC. I just received an email from him with a link to this compilation video he made of all the projects we worked on together. Most of the footage is from back in the Graffiti Analysis days of 2003 – 2005.

  • He writes that the clip was made by filming the screen and “cutting off the clips from the others 2 only show mines lol i know it sounds greedy but yo i do it 4 the love of my tag”. Check out the rest of his clips on his youtube account here.

  • Most of the applications shown in these videos were made with early pre-release versions of Zach and Theo’s Open Framewerkz

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    Posted on May 6, 2008


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    By Mark and Evan.

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    Posted on May 3, 2008


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    Support open source by looking fresh. Ubuntu’s summer line is now available with hot new designs that will give Mozilla and Open Office some fierce competition on the runways of silicon valley.

    For a complete collection of open t-shirts click here

    (Hat by Eriffs)

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