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I told myself I would stop posting T-Shirt designs…. but I just couldn’t resist. This one is for expats living in Hong Kong:

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Posted on June 15, 2008


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A station here in Hong Kong was broadcasting just this image with audio from a tennis match….. for a long time. More evidence for the ‘copyright is silly’ folder.

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I thought I would celebrate my recent move from NYC to Hong Kong with a commemorative East meets West edition FFFFFat Stacks omelet. For scrambled eggs and ramen you will need 3 eggs, olive oil, vegetarian ramen (for all my non-meat eating heads), baby corn (broken into thirds) and baby mushrooms (baby veggies are always more fun then their grown up counter parts). Cook the babies in a frying pan with some olive oil. While those are simmering put half of the ramen package (make sure to include half the spices as well) into a bowl and pour on just enough hot water to make them soft. Once the vegetables are cooked put them off to the side, re-oil the pan, and pour in 3 eggs beaten with a spash of olive oil and water. Mix in the cooked veggies and ramen and get your scramble on.

More photos here.

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Posted on June 10, 2008


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Above is the White Glove Tracking compilation video Ben and I showed at the New Museum last night. You can also peep the slides from the presentation here. This is the culmination of work that took place over the course of last 2 years. All shine to Zach, Open Frameworks, Jung-Hoon Seo, David Wicks, Tim Knapen, Jonathan Cremieux, Eyebeam, and Rhizome Commissions.

The top ten White Glove data contributers will soon be getting their commemorative prints in the mail. The application and source code for the ASCII generation software used to create the prints can be downloaded here (PC only at this point).

The blinged out ASCII print on the left is made up of the X-Y coordinate data of the white glove movement, and the print on the right is made up of all the email addresses of the data contributers (from most clicks to least starting at the top bottom).


More photos of prints here

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