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Are you sick of the 3rd dimension? Enjoy full 2D with a FUCK 3D -pair of glasses !!! download here !


- Are you annoyed by the people and world around you?
– Do you feel sometimes dizzy walking home in the 3rd dimension?
– But you DO enjoy your 2D  – facebook/twitter/browser life much more than the dirty world out there?

F.A.T. brings to you a brand new solution!!!  Just switch your whole life to 2D. Get a pair of  FUCK 3D glasses, loose the 3rd dimension and enjoy full 2D!!!  It never has been so easy!! Life is so much better!!

Download FUCK 3D DIY-set here.

Aram Bartholl
2009 – based on First Person Shooter glasses


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Posted on September 4, 2009


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Do more projects in less time!
Do Speed Projects!


Instead of working on some GREAT piece for a whole year do faster projects. Do Speed Projects!  Start labeling your latest work with the official Speed Project stamp. Check the amount of time you needed for full production time inculding online publication. A Speed Project may not take longer than 8h max. Adding up time fragments is not allowed, once you started the clock is running (skip lunch or better do a project during lunchtime ;-)

Download the template now and release something today! Be fast! Go go go !
Setting up this project took me roughly one hour. Also check my ‘lunch’-project ‘Nerd Scrunchy

Aram Bartholl 2009



Update! Greg Leuch release a handy Speed Project Widget. It’s super easy to create the desired time stamp now (including the fail option, haha…)


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Posted on September 2, 2009


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Pecha Kucha Berlin last thursday was great fun. Tbx and a-RAM presented 20 FAT projects, 1project per slide each 20 seconds. All 20 slides of the Pechakucha can be found here on Fuckflickr!
We would have loved to show 40 projects in dubble speed (10 sec). The PK-format is a bit slow for the F.A.T.-output frequency ;-). Thx to Lars Reimann there are very nice and best of all ALREADY KOPYFAMED pictures of our presentation. (kopyfamo applaus! haha)


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How to show off your tweets in real life.


‘Pocket Tweets’ ! Why not using the mobile phone as a personal public display?
Download PocketTweets.jar and see instructions.

Check all 4 versions of the Tweet Bubble Series which were developed during a three months residency at V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam ,NL. What would it be like to show your latest tweet in real life?!?

Link: 1st released on
All hardware development documentation and SOURCE CODE available here.

by Aram Bartholl 2009


Posted on June 29, 2009


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