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by Über $ocial Media Expert Dr. TBX


New to Twitter? No one cares about your farts and your profile looks whack because you have Zero followers? Let me help you to gain 500 twitter followers in one day.

Ever heard about the “special” autofollow option on twitter? Some people have it activated, which means if you follow them, they follow you back automatically.

  • Step 1: Follow everyone that @autofollowbacks is following (this’ll take you ~500 clicks)
  • Step 2: Wait for one day, because Twitter slows down this process (on purpose?)
  • Step 3: Unfollow all of ’em – here we go – Suddenly your Twitter profile looks super popular and EVERY “Social Media Expert” will be impressed by your crazy marketing skills!!!!


  1. Chris Poole says:

    Cool story, bro.

  2. samuel says:

    It seems that if you type in “social media expert” into twitter, you’ll get at least 2 followers:

  3. orangetiki says:

    or jsut follow @etsy. anyone on etsy will then follow you like a shadow hawkin stuff

  4. samuel says:

    @adamcoomes @FirstDigg @bywave and @syafiza auto follow you if you tweet “social media expert”

  5. tbx says:

    @samuel interesting. seems like there is much more scripting going on on twitter as we may think.

  6. samuel says:

    quantity vs quality ftl.

  7. samuel says:

    @lds_music and @lds_study autofollow if you tweet lds or mormon.

  8. jamie dubs says:

    Twitter zombies boosted me by 400 followers in 24 hours! Thanks Social Media Expert Dr. TBX

  9. jamie dubs says:

    Enter POWERLEVELER, a ruby script to automate Tobi’s hack… start a brand new twitter account and make your farts look famous instantly:

  10. tbx says:

    @jamiedubs muahaha you rock :D

  11. dgl says:

    …and don’t forget:


  12. samuel says:

    @dgl wow thats sad.

  13. samuel says:

    it looks like I’m inflating my count but I swear :)

  14. trolomatic says:


  15. jamie dubs says:

    ez-autofollow 2.0:
    1. GOTO:
    2. Execute the following in the address bar:
    3. Click next. Repeat 20x

  16. samuel says:

    javascript:alert($('.follow-button').click()); works nicely

  17. trolomatic says:

    who’s got the java for fast removal?

  18. trolomatic says:

    wait! i got it

    javascript:alert($(‘.remove-button’).click()); hahahaha

  19. samuel says:

    I think my math is right, but we’ll see.

    Yesterday I followed from my other twitter account the 460 from @autofollowback and I have 333 followers at the moment.

    So I did the mass unfollow of those who followed me, and I’m following 344 people at the moment.

    This means that only 116 of the people who I followed followed me back. Two-hundred seventeen of them followed me with out me even following them…

    Perhaps many users auto follow the people who follow some other person??

    65% of my followers I didn’t follow initally.

  20. samuel says:

    I gots a shout out from an autofollower:
    Nice to meet my new Twitter Friends @GavinLively @fffffat @samlehman @RatedGRomance @younglogan @BraveLad @nshay

  21. they should group all this commands into a single @autoherpes function.

  22. trolomatic says:

    some people left me

  23. samuel says:

    These aren’t autofolloweres, but they’re spamming the same tweet for the “follow friday” hash tag thing:

    They use the word “OSM” and my twhirl picks up that keyword cause I have it search for stuff about Open Street Map.

  24. […] som Twitter lika gärna användas för att skicka meddelanden läsbara för människor som att scriptas och interageras med genom botar. Därför kan den främsta kontaktytan mot internet i Indien vara […]

  25. rvtwt says:

    It looks to me like youve just got a CSS problem, not a javascript problem. Adding:.textwidget{background: #FFFFFF;}to your stylesheet should give you the white background, but if you want it to look exactly like the other widgets, (with rouned corners and same fonts) youll need to make sure the textwidget class has the same css as sidebar ul.If you need a better explanation or just want me to fix it for you fill free to email me.

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  27. Coop says:

    Follow me for 5 free follower’s

  28. howtogrowbud says:

    follow me for 10 free followers and a bong rip :) lol

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  30. iwebmaster says:

    follow @iwebmaster, giving $2 for every follow….

  31. Mike says:

    @ridpath follow +++

  32. Fardhie says:

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  33. kate says:

    follow @RecipeBitch bitches

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  35. derek wodz says:

    –Hollywodz– <— follow that

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  38. Sagoh says:

    Followme I will follow you, @LeooSagoh

  39. Sagoh says:

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  40. Yoga RJ says:

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  41. blngs says:

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  42. yoogya says:

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  43. danny says:

    @DannyTapia13 follow him and by a week u should get like 700 followers

  44. danny says:

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  45. Emmanuel says:

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