FRENCH LOVERS, Emma Cozzani, Mathieu Tremblin, 2014.
Secret code, text, screenshots, zip file.


French Lovers is an email art proposition existing only through inbox of its users and inspired by the The Language of Stamps. The Language of Stamps is an old way of bringing secret signification to a letter using the orientation of the stamp on the envelope, within a secret code shared by sender and receiver. Code was also used during war, so lovers can inform each other about theirs thoughts despite the censure.


“The Language of at Signs” is an @ character inserted in a specific placement before or after the message of the email using paragraph align property: left, center or right align. Each of the six placements of the @ has a secret meaning shared by the two lovers.
Here is “The Language of at Signs” demo featuring Napoléon and Joséphine.

“Hidden Message” is a hidden text into the message appearing when the receiver is selecting the whole text of the email; the hidden text is in fact written in #FFFFFF color instead of the #000000 default color.
Here is “Hidden Message” demo featuring James Dean and Barbara.

“Folded Letter” is a giant blank space inserted between paragraphs of text using multiple line break in order to alter the temporality of reading using the scrollbar needed to read the complete email.
Here is “Folded Letter” demo featuring Marguerite Duras and Yann.

Download French Lovers ZIP file!


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let’s face it, we lost! the internet is no longer a wild frontier full of delicious possibility and now just a series of corporate websites. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!! 😜

here’s a chrome extension that lets you easily make sentences/words/whatever using the little website icons that show up on your tabs. perfect for your screenshot needs. hell yeh

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👉get it at the chrome store 👈

👉contribute to our list of sites with single letter favicons 👈

👉check it on github 👈

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This is the first in a series of performances of People Using VR.

Users of DROP THE MIC:VR Edition unknowingly participated in People Using VR.

Recorded and Live Streamed on May 21, 2015.

unedited live stream recording

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